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Morehouse General Hospital Ear Nose and Throat Clinic treats problems of the head and neck, including diseases and abnormalities of the ear, nose and throat (ENT). NB: We use cookies to help personalise your web experience and comply with Irish healthcare law.
This site contains information, news and advice for healthcare professionals.You have informed us that you are not a healthcare professional and therefore we are unable to provide you with access to this site. This is a joint appointment on a Type B basis under the Consultants’ Contract 2008 by the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital (32 hours per week) and Tallaght Hospital (7 hours per week).
Informal enquiries to Professor Conor Murphy, Medical Director at the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital, at Tel: 01 634 3615. The Pathology and Clinical Laboratory of Morehouse General Hospital serves as a diagnostic branch of the hospital. Our laboratory staff consists of Louisiana licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientists (CLS) and Louisiana licensed phlebotomists. All CLS possess a bachelor’s degree in Clinical Laboratory Science from an accredited university.

The 7 phlebotomists on staff at Morehouse General Hospital received their training and are required to be licensed by the State of Louisiana. Morehouse General Hospital’s lab performs over 100,000 tests each year adheres to strict quality control and quality assurance program guidelines and our lab is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation to provide the fastest, most accurate results. Hematology analyzers are computerized, highly specialized and automated machines that count the number of different kinds of white and red blood cells in a blood sample. The parathyroid gland regulates the level of calcium in the blood and may require removal if the calcium level is markedly elevated.
Surgery is often indicated when there is an infection that cannot be treated more conservatively or if there is a tumor. A washing machine is a mixture of clothes and water and the spinning drum separates those very efficiently.
For example, when a healthy person is cut, the blood quickly coagulates, or forms clots, in the wounded area to stop the bleeding.
When a patient presents with a condition which is caused by an infection, the doctor usually wants to determine which organism is responsible so that the best treatment can be selected.

They may be removed if your child is experiencing problems such as recurrent ear infections or obstructed breathing. Laboratory centrifuges are used to separate things like blood, which consists of red blood cells suspended in plasma (a yellowish fluid). A diagnostic microbiologist takes a sample collected from the patient and cultures it to see what grows, returning results to the doctor. The Chemstrip criterion II analyzer is designed for continuous sample processing of Chemstrip 10 MD Urine Test Strips from roche Diagnostics. Put some blood in a test-tube and spin it at high speed and you separate out these two components very quickly.

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