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The 23030 Hydraulic Treatment Chair Compact chair is ideal for eye, ear, nose and throat procedures as well as dental, x-ray and orthodontic treatment.
Hydraulic pump which allows the chair to be raised, lowered or locked anywhere within its 360o range of rotation.
At dinner with his wife in February 2012, Postiglione felt a sudden, severe pain in his head. Postiglione received the last rites and was transferred to the Washington University and Barnes-Jewish Hospital Stroke Center.
By the time he arrived at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Postiglione had developed hydrocephalus, or fluid buildup on the brain.
Postiglione recovered in the Barnes-Jewish Hospital neurosurgery intensive care unit for over 3 weeks. Postiglione doesn’t remember complications he suffered in the intensive care unit, including a vasospasm, or narrowing of an artery in the brain.
Now, at the age of 66 and over a year after his surgery, Bill Postiglione is still fighting back.

Barnes-Jewish Hospital at Washington University Medical Center is the largest hospital in Missouri and the largest private employer in the St. Please do not review this healthcare provider if you received an incentive for writing this review, or if you are affiliated in any way to the Doctor or staff.
As a political science professor and karate club instructor at Quincy University, he stayed in top form for everything from classroom debates to training students in self-defense techniques.
Each week, we’re sharing the stories of patients whose lives were changed by stroke and the caregivers who are helping them on the road to recovery. Postiglione had suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage (bleeding into the brain) from a ruptured brain aneurysm, causing a rare type of hemorrhagic stroke. Some of it is just bad luck.” He cites family history, smoking and hypertension among the biggest risk factors for aneurysms. During the surgery, he used a microscope to locate the aneurysm, and then applied a titanium clothespin-like clip to the vessel.
An affiliated teaching hospital of Washington University School of Medicine, Barnes-Jewish Hospital has a 1,800 member medical staff with many who are recognized as "Best Doctors in America." They are supported by residents, interns and fellows, in addition to nurses, technicians and other health-care professionals.

Some patients show classic stroke symptoms like one-sided paralysis or blurred vision, but a sudden, intense headache may be the only warning sign of this uncommon stroke.
Zipfel did another angiogram in the operating room to confirm that the aneurysm was completely gone and all blood vessels were open. Zipfel’s team carefully elevated his blood pressure and administered endovascular medications.
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