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Mountain West Ear, Nose & Throat is a medical practice specializing in ear, nose, throat, head, and neck surgery in Idaho Falls, Idaho.
Contact our medical practice for the most effective otolaryngology procedures and treatments. With our experience across a range of throat disorders and surgeries, our ear nose throat specialist team offers expert personalised care. At the Ear, Nose and Throat – ENT Clinic our ear, throat and nose specialists have a wide range of experience when it comes to treatment for a variety of ear, nose and throat disorders. Our ENT specialist team believes in providing quality treatment to patients, regardless of their age or background. Dr Michael Barakate graduated from Medicine (UNSW) in 1996 and completed his Master of Surgery degree (U.Syd) in 2003.
The clinic is situated on Level 1 of the Royal Randwick Shopping Centre and is conveniently placed near the Prince of Wales Hospitals Campus. The clinic is situated in the centre of Sydney only a 5 minute walk from Auburn Railway Station and a 15 minute walk from Auburn Hospital.
After obtaining his Fellowship in Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery (ENT) from the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons he was awarded a College travelling Scholarship and spent 12 months in Cambridge, England with Dr David Moffat as a Fellow in otology and base of skull surgery. For many years he was in charge of the Registrar training scheme for ENT surgeons in New South Wales, and continues to take an active role in the training of junior ear, nose and throat residents and registrars. Welcome to Norwest ENT Group, a leading ear, nose and throat specialist in Sydney’s north and north-western suburbs. Norwest ENT is home to a team of highly trained and experienced ear, nose and throat doctors, surgeons and allied health professionals. As an ear, nose and throat specialist group, we offer advice and treatment for conditions including tonsillitis, blocked nose, snoring, exostoses, otosclerosis, acoustic tumours, cholesteatoma, and ear drum perforations. We provide specialist diagnosis, medical and surgical treatments for adults and children with Ear, Nose and Throat conditions.All our private clinics have sound proofed booths for audiology.

Learn about common symptoms and treatments for ENT issues and get on the path to recovery today. We are proud to be partnered with the certified aestheticians at Kensington Aesthetics located in Kensington Plaza.
Hanks is known for his personal care and friendly bedside manner, making him a good choice for both children and adults afflicted with ENT problems. Our ear nose throat specialists in Sydney aim to increase the quality of life for people with a variety of clinical and surgical treatments that focus on restoring the form and function of patients that have ear, nose, throat, head and neck conditions.
Whether you require the services of an ear specialist, nose specialist or a throat specialist, each member of our team understands that this kind of treatment is often crucial to how a patient can live their life.
His surgical training includes dual fellowships from the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in General Surgery (FRACS 2002) and Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery (FRACS 2006). Conveniently placed near the Macquarie University train station and located opposite the Macquarie Park Shopping Centre. For your convenience 2 hours of complimentary undercover parking is available entering off Avoca Street. For your convenience complementary parking is available for visitors and patients underneath the Clinic Building accessible from Queen Street. A perforated eardrum occurs when the eardrum ruptures, leaving an opening between the middle and outer ear.
At this age, it can be difficult for your child to communicate their problems to you verbally. There are structures on each side of our noses known as turbinates, which are responsible for filtering, humidifying, warming, and directing the air that we breathe in through our nasal passages.
Similar to those nasal passages, our sinuses are lined throughout the interior by mucous membranes. He obtained a further Fellowship with Dr Mark May in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to further his interest in ear surgery and facial nerve paralysis.

He has published widely on facial nerve disorders and has written and lectured on ear surgery, facial nerve disorders and dizziness both nationally and internationally.
Our surgeons each have specialist training and experience, and can work with you or your child to determine the best possible course of treatment.
We ask that patients bring along any x-rays, hearing test results, balance test results and blood tests they may have had, that are relevant in treating the ENT issue.
Located conveniently in the Norwest Business Park just off Old Windsor Road on Lexington Drive, it is easy to access, and plenty of parking is available. The information should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or a disease and should not be substituted for professional medical care. We welcome new patients, including self-referrals, and encourage you to save time by filling out your patient information from home before your appointment. Our ENT doctors are focused on delivering the best to clients, and aim to improve our patients’ quality of life.
Dr Michael Barakate reviews and treats children and adults with ear nose throat conditions. We work with both adults and children, providing care that is comprehensive, compassionate and ethical.
Please consult your health care provider if you have, or suspect you have, a health problem.
Dr Barakate has an ongoing commitment to education and research in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery and has lectured and published widely.
Causes A ruptured eardrum commonly results from injury or trauma, or following a chronic infection.

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