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Clear Ears was established in 2011 by registered nurses Natalie Bossong and Meg Bumpstead, to provide Australians with the same safe, effective and professional earwax removal service offered in the UK. Natalie had previously undertaken an accredited Course in Aural Care and worked in ENT clinics in the UK specializing in micro-suction and curettage techniques which is predominantly only used by ENT surgeons in Australia.
To ensure Clear Ears Nurses are qualified and practice to the highest standard of care, Clear Ears developed an Australian version of the Course in Aural Care based on the UK Course. The Clear Ears team mission is to provide patients with the highest level of service and quality care in safe, effective and professional ear wax removal. The Clear Ears team are also proud to volunteer with the Royal Australian College of Surgeons and AUSAid funded Pacific Island Project, assisting Mr Perry Burstin in the ENT program in Vanuatu. Meg has over twenty year’s experience in the health sector with roles in management consulting, senior hospital management and clinical nursing in both acute hospital and community health environments.
Natalie has extensive specialist experience in Ear Nose and Throat Nursing across the Operating Theatre, ward and the out patient areas.
Jacinta holds a current working with children check and is a member of the Australian College of Nurses and the Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Nurses Group. Megan has over twenty year’s experience in the health sector across a diverse range of specialties including critical care, community nursing and school nursing.
Megan holds a current working with children check and is a member of the Australian College of Nurses, and the Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Nurses Group. Chris has over 19 years experience in the health sector with roles in gerontology, paediatrics, acute care, education and perioperative nursing. Chris holds a current working with children check and is a member of the Australian College of Nursing, the Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Nurses Group and the Australian Society of Post Anaesthetic and Anaesthesia Nurses. Alison has extensive experience in Ear Nose and Throat and Plastic Surgery nursing in both ward and clinic settings.  Alison also is a clinical educator in Plastic Surgery nursing.
Alison holds a current working with children check and is a member of the Australian College of Nursing and the Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Nurses Group. John has over 25 years in the health sector across a diverse range of specialties including critical care, international retrieval and community nursing.  John is also a clinical instructor and MICA paramedic. Jacinta has over 20 years in the health sector with extensive experience across a range of specialties in both adult and paediatric nursing including; Clinical Specialist in Theatre, Pain Management Nurse Consultant and ENT.
Currently Gosford Anaesthetic Clinic comprises 25 Specialist Anaesthetists, 2 Intensive Care Specialist Anaesthetists and 1 Assistant Surgeon. Our Doctors are involved in continuing medical education by regularly attending conferences both in Australia and Overseas to develop and maintain the latest in knowledge and skills.
Here are some photos to familiarise yourself with your anaesthetist or other clinical specialist. Throughout my training I have been a Registrar at St Marya€™s Hospital, London; Prince Henry and Prince of Wales Hospitals, Sydney.

I have been working on the Central Coast in Anaesthesia since 1987 and have been a Specialist since 1992.I currently work in the Public and Private sector and enjoy all areas of Anaesthesia. I live and work on the Central Coast, previously working as a Consultant Anaesthetist in the UK. I am a Staff Specialist Anaesthetist with Central Coast Health and also work at all Central Coast Private Hospitals.I have a special interest in Paediatric, ENT Anaesthesia and volunteer work in the Developing World. The effects of an error occurring in surgery can be devastating resulting in permanent disability and even leading to death.
Surgery is a specialist area in which surgeons are highly trained.  However, errors can occur during an operation. Medical care for errors in surgery can range from a need to be monitored to requiring further surgery and extensive rehabilitation. Some people who suffer from errors made during surgery will require support for the rest of their lives. We can advise you on your benefit rights and also advise on dealing with debts which might arise due to being off work. Sometimes things can go wrong in surgery and we will investigate whether the error happened as a result of the negligence of your surgeon to decide whether you can obtain compensation. If you believe that you or someone you know has suffered as a result of medical negligence please contact Tim Spring.
We deal with clients throughout the country and we will visit you at your home, hospital or rehabilitation unit.
Moore Blatch is the trading name of Moore Blatch Resolve LLP, which is a limited liability partnership registered in England and Wales, registration number OC335183. We use the word ‘partner’ to refer to a member of the LLP, or an employee or consultant who is a lawyer with equivalent standing and qualifications (a non-member). Page ContentSite preparation and excavation works commenced at Epworth Geelong in April 2014.
The total land package purchased by Epworth HealthCare from Marcus Oldham College for the new Epworth Geelong teaching hospital will be settled today. Epworth HealthCare Group Chief Executive Alan Kinkade said that the revised re-zoning, design and town planning applications were endorsed by the City of Greater Geelong on 16 January this year, with the titles issued on 22 February and settlement taking place today. Professor Brendan Crotty, Pro Vice-Chancellor of Deakin's Faculty of Health welcomed the settlement, saying that this is an important milestone in a very significant development for Deakin and for Geelong and Western Victoria. Clear Ears Course in Aural Care is the first accredited course for micro suction and curettage technique for earwax removal in Australia.
The ENT program not only provides ENT treatment for the Vanuatu community but also runs a training program for nurses in Vanuatu. Whilst working in the UK, Natalie undertook the Course in Aural Care at Stoke Mandeville Hospital and worked in the specialist ENT Clinic at the Oxford John Radcliffe Hospital.

I have served periods as secretary and chairman of various Medical Councils and College of Anaesthetists. I am accredited to work at all the major hospitals on the Central Coast and currently work predominantly at Gosford Private Hospital and Gosford Public Hospital.My areas of interest include anaesthesia for general surgery, gynaecological and obstetric services, orthopaedics and ear nose and throat surgery. I was broadening my experience and interest in Intensive Care Medicine working at Westmead Hospital, Sydney, when I made the decision to move to Australia.I successfully completed the FANZCA to become dually qualified and have been working as a Specialist Anaesthetist for over 10 years now. We place our trust in healthcare professionals to carry out operations with reasonable care and skill. Errors in surgery can range from surgical equipment being left in the body to death as a result of a perforated organ.
We have a wide range of contacts with organisations that can support you and  work closely with you.
Our specialist community care team can also provide advice on your entitlement to health and social care support at home during the continuance of your claim.
A list of the members is open to inspection at our registered office, together with a list of those non-members who are referred to as partners.
Watch the progress of the development captured in this timelapse video which will be updated every month throughout the construction period. While not a requirement in the initial town planning approval, this additional land purchase was a collective Marcus Oldham and Epworth initiative to support a local request that arose during community consultations. Currently more than 1000 patients from the Geelong region are treated annually in Epworth’s Melbourne hospitals, so we look forward to providing the same excellence in healthcare for the wider community of Western Victoria.
I have had extensive training in anaesthesia for children and have completed a fellowship year in Canada which focused on regional anaesthesia (blocks) and obstetric anaesthesia. I currently work in both public and private with particular interest in vascular and ENT surgery.I am also the Supervisor of Training for Anaesthetics at Gosford Hospital and run a variety of workshops on complex airway management which attract audiences from interstate and overseas as well as locally.
Meg holds a current working with children check and is a member of the Australian College of Nurses, the Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Nurses Group and is the National Treasurer for the Australian Society of Post Anaesthesia and Anaesthesia Nurses and an international panel member of ICPAN. Clear Ears not only allows Natalie to exercise her clinical expertise but also to train and supervise others in Aural Care.
Natalie holds a current working with children check and is a member of the Australian College of Nurses, and the Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Nurses Group.
We take an active role in providing quality information and advice about the extra resources that may be available. We work with rehabilitation experts both in the NHS and in the private sector to ensure the continuity of your care.

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