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When you start sensing your baby moving around and kicking it is one of those emotional, private moments that helps forge that amazing bond between you and your unborn child.
Hearing loss mostly affects children from birth, but in many cases parents are unaware that their child has a hearing problem until the child is over three years old. In fact, your baby’s movement is in many instances, a response to sounds, including the sound of your voice. This three year gap in seeking treatment could have a lasting impact on the development of the affected child, especially when it comes to their speech and language development.

Babies are known to respond to auditory stimulation by 25 to 29 weeks of pregnancy, which means that full term newborn babies already have more than two months of auditory experience.However, not every child born has perfect hearing and in some cases babies are born with hearing deficiencies. Being able to hear is one of our most vital senses and without it, our quality of life decreases which can lead to depression and other mental health issues. What should parents do?The two most important actions for parents to take are: to perform a newborn hearing screening, and to always look out for any signs of hearing issues and seek professional medical help if in doubt. This way, you as a parent can take immediate steps to ensure your baby has the best chances of a full and natural development into an independent and successful adult.Some signs that you should be looking for with your newborn baby could be a birth defect on the outer ear or an ear infection.

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