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Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. At West Coast ENT, all of our professionals are board-certified and experienced to provide you with the best healthcare related to your ear, nose and throat issues. So far, doctors have removed hundreds of ants, but despite trying 'everything' the problem persists and the ants continue to breed.A A video filmed with an endoscopic camera shows a doctor removing what appears to be dead ants from her ear. No cure: Her desperate parents say they have tried everything, from traditional medical aids to witch doctors, but the ants keep emerging from her earsa€?The family live a normal life and they have a healthy environment so we cana€™t even blame their living conditions.
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We cannot find any abnormality in her ears.A 'She doesna€™t experience any kind of pain - despite the ants biting her - and no damage has been found to the eardrums. We are completely perplexed,a€™ he said, adding he has already used a camera inside the ear to check for an egg chamber.
I just hope things get better.A 'Ia€™m worried about her future and how this will affect her studies.

She is a brilliant child and shea€™s already missed a lot of school.A Other children in her school and community are teasing her and ita€™s already making her feel bad.

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