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Avoid hydrogen peroxideHow long does ear infection lastHow to treat ear piercing infection bump, cure, heal or get rid1.
Antibiotics did not work, she had to be admitted, stitched up and scarring might be part of her life forever. Some the common signs and symptoms to check for include: Tenderness on the pierced site, kids might complain of this tenderness. Infected ear piercings pictures, image and photos To help you visually how piercings that infected look like, we have included a few photos in this post as well as the ones below. Infected piercing on the earlobe that has discharge Ear piercing infection You have seen  the above photos, we hope they will help you in knowing if you truly have an infection on your ears you recently pierced or even if you pierced them long time ago. Causes of pierced ear infections While looking at what could be behind the infections on piercing, we will take into consideration two aspects, i.e. In terms of timelines, “in most cases, the infection will appear a few days after the piercing” [aboutkidshealth.ca] and you will experience some of the symptoms we have already mentioned above. Wearing tight earrings especially when either the clasp closes tightly or they have short post.
Bad quality earrings (inexpensive) e.g the ones that have a rough post tend to scratch your piercing channel or hole as you wear them. This might make you end up with an infected earring hole as well as other general infections. Inserting your earrings to a new piercing without a mirror might make it get hurt as it is still recovering.
Allergic reactions to the materials of the posts especially nickel which is known to cause allergic reactions as well as an itchy feeling.

Doing it locally at home assisted by your friends who might not understand the need for sterilized equipment is a major cause of infections. Use 14-carat initial post. It should either be stainless still or gold if you can afford gold.
According to American Academy of Dermatologists,  it is advisable to “leave the earrings in your ears for six weeks or more – even at night. Removing the starter earrings too early may cause the piercings to close” When clasping your earrings, they should be loosely held. Avoid using rubbing alcohol when cleaning your earlobes as it interferes with healing process. Avoid swimming in a lake for the first two weeks since lakes are likely to have a lot of bacteria that can cause infections i.e. B. Old ear piercing infection causes Sometimes, you can end up with an infected ear piercing years later, after your piercings have healed.
Their causes are similar to the above with the only exception being causes that are related to the process of piercing. Even if the piercings have completely healed, poor hygiene, bad earrings, allergic reactions to some materials used in making your earring can still result to infected ear piercings after years, from the time you had the piercing process.
Prevention of old ear piercing infection For those who have been complaining about old pierced ear infection or having an infection, year after the piercing was done, here are some of the important tips that can ensure you do not get this problem.
Baby ear piercing infection, children toddler or infants The signs of baby, toddler or infant ear piercing infection are just the normal symptoms you will notice on anyone else who has an infection in their piercings. As we already have mentioned, you might see some “tenderness, a yellow discharge, redness, and some swelling” [childrenshealthnetwork.org]. Since children are young and it is impossible to stop them from touching the piercing, some of the important tips to avoid chances of a baby ear piercing infection include the following: Pierce your child’s ears after she or he is at least 4 years or older.

Younger babies will tend to fidget with the piercings, remove them, and worse even swallow them. If your child often bleeds easily, do not pierce them since this can “form thick scars (keloids), or get staph skin infections” [childrenshealthnetwork.org]. Prepare a sea salt solution by mixing an adequate amount of sea salt, about 2 teaspoon in warm water. If you have a serious infection, you can use rubbing alcohol in cleaning your earlobes or any other pierced ears solution you might have been given. Using a cotton ball soaked with the solution you just prepared, slowly and gently wash the upper and inner side of your earlobes.
They should be a big help in advising you about what to do, and if it’s serious enough to go see a doctor.
About three or four to be exact and I took it off today because there’s a bump surrounding the piercing.
It started bleeding the moment I took it out but I dont know if its because I took the earring out too early or something. Over the night, it was less swollen but if I still lift my earring, you can see a red circle around the ear pierce.

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