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Author: admin, 04.03.2015
The rook is located just above the tragus, and is a rather thick section of cartilage to pierce through. This condition starts with an infection of the layers of cartilage associated with the piercing.
Once it has happened, the collapse is irreversible, and the condition can cause significant deformities. The risk of ear collapse is present in the case of any cartilage piercing, along with an assortment of other medical risks, but it can be reduced by using the services of a professional piercer who has experience placing cartilage piercings. On top of proper care, this can be avoided by having your cartilage pierced at a piercing shop with a one time use piercing needle and NOT with a piercing gun. My left ear, a 0g, fresh and clean from the shower :D Still a little swollen but healing fast.
I had my septum pierced a few months ago, and just recently what i thought was a pimple popped up next to it. Some people have a very pronounced rook, which is easier to pierce but requires slicing through a larger amount of flesh. Although this condition is unusual, especially when a piercing is properly cared for, it is extremely serious, and it requires prompt medical attention. Because the infection is actually inside the tissue of the ear, it can be hard to spot, until the infection starts to spread, literally eating through the layers of cartilage on the way.

In severe cases, people may opt for reconstructive surgery to rebuild the ear, especially if the infection was allowed to spread across a large area of the ear. Aftercare instructions should also be closely followed, with piercees washing the site gently with warm water and antibacterial soap several times a day, using sea salt soaks to reduce the risk of infection, and avoiding unnecessary handling of the piercing until it heals.
As a general rule, if the area around the piercing feels extremely hot or soft, this is a sign of infection. Pushing the stud through so quickly pushes the flesh and cartilage aside and allows more chance for it to collapse. Those guns cannot be sterilized properly so every time one touches you, you are being contaminated with the bodily oils, sweat, and maybe blood of everyone else that gun has touched. They hurt really bad and I found your tumblr and saw all the pictures of the blowouts and took mine out this morning.
2 days after the small bump appeared it had increased in size and ruptured, pus and all leaking out. Smaller rooks don't have as much cartilage to pierce through, but can be more difficult for the piercer to get at. To avoid this condition, people should care for cartilage piercings meticulously, and keep an eye on the condition of the ear. As the cartilage becomes compromised, that section of the ear collapses in on itself, because it lacks support.

A hollow needle is done more gently and carefully and does not force its way through in the same way a stud in a gun does. I’ve had pimples in my nose (wooo fun for everyone) and they tend to come back huge a few times. Either way, it's still a relatively simple procedure to an experienced professional piercer. Using antibiotics is crucial, because the infection must not be allowed to spread to the inner ear, which could cause loss of hearing. If any of these symptoms manifest around a cartilage piercing, the piercer should be informed, and a doctor should be consulted. Be aware that taking the piercing out can make it harder to treat the ear collapse, by trapping the infection inside the ear. I've been doing sea salt soaks every day since it first popped and now I'm not sure its a pimple, what do you reccomend?

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