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I've posted two threads about my ear stretching experience thus far [I'll post the links below if you're interested (for you lazy people, , I'm at a 0g and would like to stretch to a 00g)]. After briefly thinking on it, I'm strongly considering ear scalpelling, but have some questions about it.
Naked at 7 weeks, not yet fully healed but my plug slipped out and I took a picture real quick.
I also have some fantastically bloody pictures while they were healing if you're interested. Sorry, that was a badly worded and silly question; I was more curious of what people experienced upon getting the procedure.
I, honestly, never new that anesthetic was an option; if it's possible I'd request to get the procedure without.
Your personal information remains confidential and is not sold, leased, or given to any third party be they reliable or not. The information contained in Anatomy Atlases is not a substitute for the medical care and advice of your physician.
If you're dealing with any of the problems detailed in #1 or #2, there are a few general supplies you should gather up to make sure you can properly care for your piercing and nurse it back to health. Once the solution has cooled to a comfortable temperature, soak your piercing with it for 5 minutes using a series of clean cotton balls, cotton swabs, or even a shot glass filled with the solution.** The latter works for irritated belly button piercings if you lean forward, press the cup around your belly button, stand back up, and hold it tight against your stomach for 5 minutes.
If you've developed a hypergranulation (typically a red bump caused by particles of an irritant getting trapped in your piercing) or a hypertrophic scar (an almost perfect circle of skin-colored, raised flesh around your piercing), you should try applying pressure during the soaks.
The second key to success is avoiding certain missteps that can delay or totally halt the healing process, if not completely backfire and make things worse. Don't wear jewelry at all while you're healing if you're dealing with a blowout or tear(s) from stretching. After a few days to a week of twice-daily sea salt solution soaks, regular spritzes of saline piercing spray, and careful piercing care as detailed above, you should start to see some improvement in your piercing gone wrong. Painful Pleasures was founded in 1999 with the goal to provide the widest variety of tattoo supplies, piercing supplies, and body jewelry in the world.
Belly button piercing can be described as the piercing that is located in and around the belly button. Like all surface piercings, piercings in the navel also hurt a lot but, the experience and skill of the piercer can reduce the pain to some extent. The person is asked to expose the navel so that the piercer can size up the navel with the help of some marker. Surgical clamp is attached to upper portion of belly button for stabilizing the tissue before the puncture is performed.
With the help of a hollow long needle the piercer skilfully pierces the navel and inserts the jewellery of choice within it. Deep breathing throughout the piercing procedure is highly important as it helps to keep calm and increases comfort. Getting any part of the body pierced turns out to be a very personal and unique experience. Like every other type of piercing, piercing in the belly button definitely causes bleeding but only to a little extent.
Body piercings definitely look attractive and classy but, breaks within the skin can also lead towards infections. In case, the pierced belly button is infected, it is important to get it checked from the doctor so as to avoid further complications.
The jewellery for the belly button piercing generally depends on the type of the belly button. Migration refers to the jewellery movement within the pierced area from its original position to new location. Like all varieties of surface piercings, piercing in the belly button also face the risks of rejection.
It is important to make sure that piercer has ample experience with piercings and makes use of proper sterilization process, jewellery and tools during piercing. Jewelleries made of glass, titanium, gold and sterling silver should be preferred as they have less chances of rejection.
The jewellery should be left for suggested period of time that can range from four to twelve weeks. The amount of time required for piercing in belly button to close up generally varies from one person to the other. Popular options for materials include gold, silver, titanium as well as various metal alloys.
What is high nostril piercing Nostril piercing can never go out of fashion for its umpteen variations and availability of a plethora of stylish nose jewelry. What is third eye piercing One of the variations of bridge piercing, third eye piercing is the perforation of the bridge of the nose done vertically between the eyebrows. What are spider bites piercings Nowadays several styles of lip piercings are being sported by the young fashion-enthusiastic crowd.
Personally, I feel people aren't lazy just because they're incapable of finding your own threads. Larger cuts are going to take closer to 3 months for initial healing to be over, 6 months to really be in a position to change jewelry daily. Pain is, for most people, a transient state of being, and dwelling on it is unlikely to be beneficial.

After about 3 months mine feel close to fully healed - with the exception of some scar tissue to be massaged out, they feel almost the same as before. At this point, it is still simply an idea and I will have to consider many factors before making a decision.
That ear was also the major bleeder when I had my conches punched and my 6g seconds pierced.
There may be variations in treatment that your physician may recommend based on individual facts and circumstances.
It's freaky to wake up, walk in the bathroom, and see your nostril has swelled up to the size of a small ball, or to feel the irritated upper ridge of your ear throbbing around an angry-red cartilage piercing that's oozing pus after sleeping on it. Keloids are actually pretty rare relative to the number of other post-piercing problems people experience.
Look through the subjects listed or enter your symptoms in the search box one at a time, and you'll likely find a thread that covers a similar problem and includes great feedback from the community on what to do to resolve the issue. This is where cotton swabs come in handy, because you can press down more firmly and accurately with a SSS-soaked swab.
In between, spray your irritated piercing frequently with Recovery Piercing Aftercare Spray or H2Ocean. Doing so can cause necrosis (tissue death), which can lead to infection and even permanent skin damage.
Leave it out until you're fully healed if you have a blowout--even if that means losing all the progress you previously made stretching. Diluting a little tea tree oil in your SSS is a good thing for your piercing, but it isn't 10x better if you apply it directly! While a new or irritated piercing is healing, it's very likely to secrete lymph, which is a clearish fluid that dries to a whitish crust. If you have a cartilage piercing, you can expect it to stay sore off and on for 6+ months, even if you have no significant problems.
Regardless of whether you had a blowout, a tear, excessive swelling, pus oozing, a hypergranulation forming, a hypertrophic scar developing, or just general redness and irritation, following the steps above should help your body heal your problem piercing over time. You may need to see a dermatologist if you have any of the other issues listed and the problem persists. We want to hear from you there when you're having piercing problems so we can help you, and we want to hear your story and how you're involved in the body mod scene. Get your ears pierced at Claire's and receive a 20% off coupon good on your next purchase. The starter kit includes the piercing earrings, claires Ear Care Antiseptic and a 20 % off coupon for your next visit. Piercing of this type is quite popular among teenagers especially girls as they flaunt their bellies in bikini’s and belly shirts.
The common observed placement happens to be the navel’s top ridge as well as navel’s bottom ridge. The piercing experience depends on different factors like mind state, mood, body part, piercers experience and piercing level comfort. In case, the piercing has been handled un-hygienically without proper after care, chances are that the piercing can fall prey to attacks from fungi and bacteria leading to severe infection. Different people have different navels and the choice of jewellery is entirely dependent on that factor.
Migration generally takes place during piercing of insufficient or unsuitable tissue or when the diameter of the jewellery is small. The symptoms of rejection will include redness of the area accompanied with greenish to yellowish discharge. However there are a few measures which can be taken to prevent rejection of belly button piercing. The closing up of the piercing depends on several factors like piercing type, time span and availability of scar tissues.
Prices are not fixed and people have the opportunity to negotiate the prices with the piercer.
Did you use a q-tip to remove the blood or were you advised to leave them be, besides the soaks?
The good news is that many piercings gone wrong can be corrected with a little time and TLC. Whatever's gone wrong with your piercing, it's natural for you to be scared, but you have to collect yourself before you can fix it.
Most people who end up with problem piercings and think they have a keloid are actually just dealing with a general irritation, hypergranulation, or a hypertrophic scar. You can also post a new thread and ask current community members and our knowledgeable moderators for help. It will soothe the irritated skin, keep it hydrated, and slowly help it to heal when done in combination with twice daily soaks. Have your piercer change your jewelry for you to something less constrictive, like a longer barbell or a captive ring. For minor tears, leave your jewelry out until the tears are no longer noticeable, and then gently try inserting a smaller size, see how it goes, and only go up a size if the smaller jewelry is too small to stay in your piercing. Vitamin E oil is a super healer, but it's really not good for piercings, which are deep puncture wounds rather than surface wounds. If at any point you feel you absolutely have to clean your piercing more thoroughly for some reason, use a gentle soap like baby shampoo, warm water, and a gentle touch.

Only ever touch your healing piercing with clean hands that have just been washed with antibacterial soap or with gloved hands, and even then, only when you absolutely have to touch it. If you're constantly spraying hairspray on your head and don't cover your piercing, you'll clog up the fistula, get it irritated, and then have a really sore ear that stays sore for longer. The piercing is actually carried out on the navel’s upper rim and people with ‘outie’ navels get pierced quite easily. Nearly every person can have a piercing in the navel, however it is always advised to avoid navel piercings when the creasing of the torso runs through navel which can put increasing pressure on the jewellery. Piercings in the belly button are considered as surface piercings where the needle is inserted through the navel’s rim.
However, the bleeding associated with the piercing stops once the tissues start healing up. Barbells of different shapes, styles and sizes are available to choose from which can range from elaborate crystals to simple coloured knobs.
The person also experiences moderate to mild pain in and around the area along with formation of crust at pierced point. While, some piercing in belly button takes years for closing up, newer piercings tend to close up within a few weeks or even months. I think my piercer lowballed me a bit on the cost because I'm a regular and he doesn't get a chance to do things like scalpelling that often. DO NOT try stretching again for 3x as long as it took for your piercing to heal initially (12 weeks minimum)! If it builds up to a crust and bothers you, clean your hands, and then apply a SSS-soaked cotton swab to soften the crusties enough that you can gently wipe them away with a tissue. If you experience significant swelling, it's okay to take some Ibuprofen, too, if you can tolerate it.
As the tissues around belly button are quite soft, the piercing can definitely hurt but, that again depends on how much pain the person can endure. It is extremely important to take proper after care and avoid too much cleaning which can further complicate the issues. In case, the navel is not of ‘outey’ type, the preferred jewellery should be curved belly bars.
Migration can even result from use of improper aftercare products as well as emotional stress or physical trauma during healing period. There are also instances where the piercing has migrated out, but the hole has remained leaving it impossible to carry out another piercing in that same area. If you discover you're prone to actual keloids, you should avoid getting any new piercings. You should always wait a minimum of 2x (and sometimes up to 3x) as long as it took for your piercing to heal initially in between soft tissue stretches (stretching cartilage is another story). The only exception is when your piercing is fully healed, the fistula is well-established, you have no current irritations, and you're preparing for a stretch. Ice isn't ideal for a healing piercing, but applying a cool wash cloth is okay as long as you toss it in the laundry basket immediately after 1 compress application.
Being skinny or well-built does not help with the pain as every person has soft tissues in and around the navel. In case, the navel of the person is round, small and deep, then curved bars with teardrop or normal round shape look quite attractive. But, there are times when everything has been carried out properly, but the piercing still migrates without any specific reason.
The movement continues till quite a few months and does not lead to stretching or pulling of the skin. When you do try to stretch again, be kind to yourself and go up very gradually by wrapping your jewelry with a single layer of stretching tape every couple weeks to get to a full-size change gradually over the time you would normally wait in between full-size stretches. People with classic ‘outey’ navels can sport top droppers as the top can be pierced quite easily.
Before the piercing procedure is carried out in belly button, it is always wise to check whether the person is allergic to metal used to manufacture the jewellery. As it displaces, the skin starts to heal around the piercing which gives the impression that it is moving altogether.
You can also try tapers, but tape is less obtrusive, and it's easier to manage size changes. We want to connect with you--to hear about your body mod adventures, share information with you that will hopefully help you before trouble sets in, give you guidance when you need help, and learn from you and your experiences. Some other pieces of belly button jewellery include English Rose, Butterfly, Amour, Open Triangle and Diamond Solitaire.
Daily aftercare with anti-bacterial solutions should be carried out along with application of non-iodized salt water with cotton swab at least two times a day. If you have a favorite blog post (or even one you hate), or there's an article you've found to be a helpful reference, we want to know!

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