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Author: admin, 23.01.2016
The piercing guns for inserting earrings should only be used for ear lobe and not other parts of the body and should be sterilized. Use an antibacterial soap solution or hydrogen peroxide to clean the ear piercing and always wash your hands before starting cleaning. Soak a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide and carefully clean the jewelry and the surrounding area and remove any crusty build up.
With clean hands, use a small amount of antibacterial soap and soap carefully the jewelry and the surrounding area.

Ear piercings are known for centuries in Western culture.  Before deciding to get an ear piercing you should know how to care for ear piercings. This facilitates cleaning and does not cause too many problems in case the ear lobe becomes inflamed.
Rinse well, apply hydrogen peroxide with a cotton ball on the piercing, then carefully move the jewelry back and forth.
The main goal of the caring is to remove any secretion that may gather around the newly placed jewel and through which harmful bacteria can easily penetrate into the wound, infecting it.

Once the ear lobe has been completely healed, the jewelry can be changed with another, but always wear jewelry of high quality and appropriate size.

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