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It’s not uncommon to see someone in our daily life with a funny looking ear which is lumpy, shriveled, appears as if the ear has folded on itself and reminds you of a cauliflower.
Ear is made up of cartilage which gives the firm shape to it and is covered by a layer of tissue called perichondrium. Thus any accumulation of blood or fluid and any other causes that separate the cartilage and perichondrium leading to the death of the cartilage will cause cauliflower ear. Cauliflower ear is more common among people taking part in contact sports like wrestling , boxing, rugby, soccer, mixed martial arts etc. It is so prevalent among wrestlers and boxers that some of the great muscle men like Randy couture - athlete, actor and 5 times UFC title winner, have taken their Cauliflower ear as one of the identity mark. The idea behind all these techniques is to remove the blood clot or fluid that has built up between the cartilage and perichondrium.
Aspiration is done for the prompt evacuation of the fluid or clot and is necessary to prevent permanent damage.
Aspiration should be tried only if the injury is less than 7 days old because the granulation tissue will be formed after 7 days in the process of healing.
After incision and drainage, check it every 24 hours for the next few days for fluid collection, bleeding or infection. Symptomatic treatment for the discomfort and pain – Keep ice packs for 15 minutes with 15 minutes break. As Cauliflower ear is a permanent deformity, Surgery is the only choice to restore the normal shape of ear. When the cauliflower ear gets infected, the infection causes inflammation of the perichondrium – perichondritis. So, when you get an injury in your ear, keep an ice pack and get it checked by a doctor immediately. Over the centuries, humans have developed amusing behaviors with cultural cognition from various social practices. Within this very personality, body piercing has become one of the fashionable practices in our societies, prevailing since 5th millennium century back. Beside its popular culture, the practice of body piercing is as much controversial as its ancient tradition. If you are curious enough to be acquainted with the harms of body piercing, here is the list of top 10 side effects of body piercing for you. Body piercing involves the use of metal piercing tools, which leads to allergic response to metals. Body piercing is trendy, but you would bombshell to know that it is infectious to life-threatening diseases.
Nasal piercing commonly gives a person with a scar tissue, especially, formation of keloid scar. A lot of guys who get their penis pierced suffer from infections and even a loss of sensitivity. Sponsorships have evolved greatly in the past decades, and what was once a simple marketing trick to get your product out there now it’s a multi-billion industry.
I remember stretching my ears at 14 for the first time and feeling immense pain, but an unforgettable thrill.
A few months later I went in to keep my boyfriend company as he was getting his tattoo worked on and got my navel pierced. For the longest time i have been in love with body modification, i just loved the whole idea of being my own person. Keke Palmer wore jeweled stud in her helix piercing, a key pierce in her conch piercing, a triangle stud in her tragus piercing and a jeweled snake earning in her lobe at the the People’s Choice Awards Arrivals in Los Angeles on Wednesday, January 6th, 2016. Zoe Kravitz wearing a huge jeweled stud in her helix piercing, a cuff in her conch piercing, a small ring in her tragus piercing, and drop earrings in her lobe. One of the most asked-about members of the BME modification community is “Fishmaul” (”Fishmouth”) or “Zygzag”, who is said to wear massive plugs in stretched cheek piercings.
On March 04, 2006, Kam Ma spent 7 hours and 55 minutes being pierced by Charlie Wilson at Sunderland Body Art in the UK. Brent Moffatt from Winnipeg, Canada, pierced himself with surgical needles to set a Guinness record for most body piercings, in Montreal, December 13, 2003. In a bizarre publicity stunt, Dr Wei Sheng pierced 2008 decorative needles in his head, face, hands and chest in the five colours of the Olympic rings. This guy is Rafa Gnomo, he must be a crazy guy to have the weirdest and craziest modified lips.
Cartilage does not have blood supply and it receives oxygen and nutrients from blood vessels supplying the overlying skin and the perichondrium.
When ear piercing is done in the upper ear without proper aseptic precaution and using unsterilized instruments, it leads to infection of the cartilage.
It is most commonly seen in pets like dogs and cats , especially dogs like Setters, Basset Hounds with long and sloppy ears which happens to lodge infectious mites and parasites. Cauliflower ear can be prevented even after a blunt trauma if the blood clot or the fluid is removed sooner. Then both of them are opposed against each other tightly like a sandwich to restore the nutrient supply to the cartilage and to prevent the repeated collection of fluid between them. When either of these two techniques are carried out successfully soon after the injury, cauliflower ear will not develop. The surgery involves removal of the dead cartilage and suturing the skin to original shape.
Obviously, the oldest tradition of body piercing was discovered in the Egyptian mummies and other various practices of ear piercing, nose piercing and genitals piercing are found to have developed from Indian, African and Roman cultures.
In some societies, body piercing has socio-cultural values to be relevant; but, it is generally abused in hippy culture as a precarious practice. Jewelry or ring piercing on several body parts including ear, nose, tongue and belly button is vulnerable to allergy caused by Nickel, Titanium, Niobium and other piercing metals. As body piercing is an organic contrivance, it is terminal at risk to bacterial or viral infections. Keloid scar is a nonthreatening type of tumor, which unwantedly grows in the area of damage.
So if you are considering a piercing down there, make sure you use a penis health creme that contains both Vitamin A and acetyl L carnitine.

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Often I’ve gotten compliments on my industrial barbell piercing and all the fun and different earrings to use. I have an extremely high pain tolerance so none of my other piercings hurt but that one was some painful shit. Being able to customize my appearance even in a small way such as this always made me feel good. My parents were not very open to these cosmetic changes, especially not my grandparents or aunts and uncles. It wasn’t until a couple months ago, at my age of 20, that my naive mom noticed them. But I am not the rebellious type that will do things on impulse, so I have to research what I am planning on doing. Gypsy Rose in Calgary AB, Canada (where all my piercings are done) was open and it was gonna be a good day!! I have my lobes stretched to 5mm, second holes, my right ear has a high helix and a lower helix ring, my left has its fourth hole and was looking bare. When i was born my parents only expected only 1 baby which was my sister older by 3 mins her name is raylee ann , from birth to age 11 we were forced to dress alike even down to our hair.
She is pictured here wearing a ring in her tragus, a stud in her cartilage, and Chanel earrings in her lobe.
Meet some of the craziest people who are not afraid of transforming their bodies into a nailing board. When the world's longest body piercing session was over, Charlie Wilson had pierced Kam Ma a record breaking 1,015 times, all without the use of any anesthetic.
Dr Sheng's stunt was not the first time he had gained notoriety for sticking pins in his body. When there is a blow to the external ear, the blood from the blood vessels of skin and perichondrium leaks inside and forms a blood clot between the cartilage and perichondrium. This infection causes fluid collection between the cartilage and skin that causes death of the cartilage and thus leads to formation of the cauliflower ear. Nowadays, needle aspiration has been replaced by incision and drainage due to the high chance of repeated accumulation of fluid in aspiration which requires more than one session of needle aspiration. The surgery is done by plastic surgeons and is a bit controversial regarding its outcome and review. All these customs are habitually related to socio-cultural values or also referred to some scientific perception. The practice is, of course, stylish; but, several specialists suggest that body piercing has various long-term and serious side effects. Studies report that contact eczema, rhinitis, pruritus and urticarial allergy is induced by Nickel. Tissue scraping carries a considerable risk of injury often leaving patients with psychological conditions. Acetyl L is an amino acid that helps enhance penis sensitivity, and Vitamin A is antibacterial and will keep the area extra clean. I decided to get my piercing with my sister in law and we were both very nervous given the fact that its not something we were at all familiar with obviously as far as pain goes. In the picture attached i am wearing one (just a basic straight barbell.) I definitely plan on buying more from this site.
I decided on the rook based on the cute jewelry I could purchase like the heart or jeweled bar.
Thus the cartilage does not get the nutrients and begin to die and the skin overlying the dead cartilage turns into a scar.
It can be prevented by maintaining good ear hygiene of the pets by blow drying the ear and moisturizing with mineral oil. These behaviors, as a derivative of societal convention, cultural or religious beliefs, or as a structure of daily life, become an integral part of our uniqueness. As the hype of body piercing is growing, several physical and sanitary problems of body piercing have been reported. Also, other forms of metal piercing have high tendency of severe allergy to p-Phenylenediamine (PPD). Mostly, tongue and naval piercing can grow micro bacterial infections prominent to deadly diseases including Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. Tissue scar is also common in ear and lip piercing which generates medical complications of cyst formation, large scars or tears and inflammation.
Using a creme is a simple yet smart move that can save you from plenty of unpleasant complications.
I started wearing what I wanted, dying my hair darker or bleaching it lighter, making my makeup darker, and last but not least, stretching my ears and piercing more of my body. I learned that since your tragus is so close to your ear drum that you definitely do not want someone using a piercing gun on it, so make sure the person doing the piercing is using a needle.
I was lying on the table, and the piercer (we’ll call him Bob) aligned the dots and I took a look. This scarring and collapse of the cartilage causes the shriveled bumpy look of the cauliflower ear. It is reported that the patients of diabetes and skin disease are more likely catch hazardous bacterial infection.
These sorts of complications are not only reported to traditional piercing, but also persist with nontraditional piercing as well.
I did my research and found someone who was going to give us a good deal on it including a free earring. I’m not quite sure how long I wore it, but I do remember my second piercing which started my journey to always wearing earrings. Always ALWAYS make sure the needle has not been used before and is cleaned properly before they use it on you. He mentioned that his co-worker Bob had a client once who he had to pretty much restrain to the table in order to get the needle through her rook. I started noticing the different kind of earrings that people were wearing…I thought it looked way better then the average earrings. Fast foward to a few years when we were 15 i saw what i thought would change my life, a belly button piericng!

Along with infectious allergies, body piercing also has non-infectious complications of allergic contact dermatitis. It is seen that the infections are generally followed by clinical fever, abdominal pain and formation of abscess. Tissue scraping is usually symptomized with increasing redness, swelling and discharge of blister. As I sat and watched my SIL bleed like crazy when she got her industrial piercing (everyone is different of course!), I was very nervous. After everyone in my house was asleep I got a sewing needle a cleaned it and then I pierced my ears. Needless to say, I still face negative comments from my own family about these choices every time I go to a family get together.
I learned that getting a hoop in your tragus right after it is pierced is better than a bar because it can rotate the cleaning solution through the hole and lays easier so will not be bothered as much. I begged and begged but had to wait until i was 16 and once i got the small charm in my naval i felt so different from my sister, by then i was unstoppable i got my nose pierced, 11 holes in each ear, snake bites, tongue and hip surfaces. There are new developed stainless steel metal piercing tools, but they also aren’t completely free from Nickel, which is most aberrant to allergic reactions. Once the patient catches an infection of cellulitis, the infection has to be cured surgically with antibiotic therapy.
People often mistake with scars, crashes and keloids around their piercing as pimples and try to pop that out, but it harmfully leads to bacterial infections. As I sat ready for my turn, I must say it was one of my most painful piercings I’ve gotten but so worth it!
I was 16 at the time and me and my cousins were at the local mall and I told them I wanted my other ear pierced. Luckily I had long hair so I just always wore it down in front of my ears while I was around her. Every day I would clean my ears so I wouldn’t get an infection because if that happened then I would of had to tell her and I would of been in trouble.
I think body alterations are a wonderful thing if it means it’ll bring personal happiness. Also, because of the bars size, you have to remove it after two months and get something smaller. I will continue to stretch my ears, ink my body, and pierce whatever I please for as long as I please. Eventually I forgot that I had my hair up and she walked into my room and saw the piercings and got upset.
Its so crazy that people think that because raylee and i are twins that we need to be just alike when were just two totally different people who just happen to look alike and at one point were womb-mates.
So now I had to put on my thinking cap, I walked around the mall for a bit and randomly asked an older woman to pretend to be my mom.
She said no more piercings but that didn’t stop me from getting any more piercings, and in 2013 I self pierced my 3rd hole and in 2014 lucky for one semester a piercing shop opened across the street from my college and I was able to get my right industrial and both my anti-tragus done. To all who have thought about or second guess getting a piercing afraid because of what some might think, do it! Most of my clients come back and show me what they’ve bought and just leave raving reviews.
Love yourself for who you are no matter the circumstances, you’ll be a happier person if you do. Well fast forward to 2016 and I now have 16 ear piercings and 1 nose piercing and I don’t plan on stopping there. My next piercing came when I was about 21 and always fancied a cousins cartilage piercing for many years. Due to my research and multiple piercings, I have friends that trust my opinions on piercings and I have been able to go with them to get their tragus’ and noses pierced. I still remember how long that took to heal, it would hurt sleeping on my left side, it lasted months and months until I was finally able to sleep how I want and the keloid bump went away, but it is my favorite piercing that I have. Eventually I got the courage to get it done.My piercer was very professional and I tried not to look at the needle in the pack.
The piercer advised me that this would be easier to clean during the healing process which it was.
I remember seeing Lenny Kravits in the film with 3 lobe piercings on each side and installs fell in love with how it looked. I remember getting home and telling my mom to put in an extra set of horseshoe earrings I had and she almost fainted because the gauge they pierced me with was most likely a 20g and I was trying to put in 16g.
The last piercing I got was something I always wanted but never had a reason to get it until I saw a girl I had a huge crush on with the industrial. I met her on a vacation and when I went back home it only took a month before I loaded my car up with my best friends and told them what I was getting. I just dipped a cotton ball in a mixture of non iodized sea salt and warm water and applied it to my piercing until it cooled. We drove up to the mall which had a shop that did specialized piercings and I told the girl what I wanted and she said have a seat.
A couple of my friends were browsing the shop and the other two came behind the curtain to see my face when the needle went through both sides. Much to their surprise I didn’t even flinch, it went through seamlessly without a hiccup.
My friends girlfriend had and industrial and an extra bar she said she’d give me, it was a black bar with a ball and spike on the other ending looking like an arrow. There is more than enough information online that can help someone decide if a certain piercing will work for them.
I recently just changed my bar after over two years keeping the arrow, I bought some ends that have meaning in my life, I have a white acrylic ball with spades over it and a gold plated dice on the other end.

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