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However, if you want little more extreme piercing you can apply it on snug, helix, and also tragus. A guide ear piercings tatring, All ear piercings, placements jewelry types ' don'ts.. Ear cartilage piercing aftercare - pacific body jewellery, Ear cartilage piercing aftercare.
Earring - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, By early 1970s, ear piercing common women, creating broader market procedure.
A guide ear piercings tatring, All about ear piercings, from the various placements and jewelry types to do's and don'ts.. Earring - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, By the early 1970s, ear piercing was common among women, thus creating a broader market for the procedure.
Body piercing - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Body piercing, form body modification, practice puncturing cutting part human body, creating opening jewellery worn..
Like the human body, which can be pierced anywhere with an integument, the ear can also be pierced at any of its parts. The most common kind of ear piercing, this pertains to puncturing a single hole in the middle of each ear lobe. The helix of the ears can be located as one follows the external curvature of the ear towards the lobe. Any piercing sandwiched between the apex of the helix and the area where the helix connects with the head is termed as the forward helix, or ear head piercing. Two piercings connected by a single accessory, called a barbell, comprise the industrial helix piercing. Also known as vertical piercing, this involves the upper ridge of cartilage between the helix and the ear canal, or the antihelix.

Also termed as shell piercing, this refers to piercings either at the outer or inner conch.
Not a common area for piercing, this is located opposite of the tragus, on the external ear just above the ear lobe.
Infections secondary to ear cartilage piercings may have ensued if symptoms such as pain, irritation, erythema , swelling, and discharge are present. Below is a list of things to do once swelling, redness, pain, or discharge is noted on the area of the piercing. Apply saline solution with a ratio of 8:1 to the affected area for five minutes four times daily. Avoid using alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, for these agents can dry the skin and prevent further healing.
The following must be remembered once the piercings are done to prevent infection and promote faster healing among piercings. Selecting the best accessories that might suitable with you such as diamond will give more stunning look. The same way goes to big earring; it will give beautiful look for instance depends on the situation when you use it. Do not forget to consider your facial shape and features before you are already getting it. In this method, the cartilage, which is the translucent tissue found on the superior part of the ear, is perforated. Also called as scaffold piercing, this is usually noted puncturing through the cartilage on the upper ear, with the first hole near the head and the other on the external rim. It is also called horizontal piercing and is located below the external rim on the inner cartilage of the ear, on top of the anti-tragus.

The outer conch is a flat region midway the rim forming the helix, and the ridge that makes up the antihelix. These are often caused by unsanitary techniques of piercing, inadvertent contact of dirt to the just pierced area, wearing of tight ear accessory causing reduced blood flow, or hypersensitivity reactions to the ear accessory.
Immediate risk for infection involves the risk for infection during and immediately post-piercing.
Found to be around 5,000 years of age, the mummy had pierced ears, with holes as big as 7 to 11 millimeters in diameter. It is done by slowly increasing the size of the ear accessory, persuading the hole to allow the use of larger accessories until one’s desired size is achieved.
Because limited blood supply is present in this region, the ear cartilage takes a longer time to heal than earlobes. It extends from just on top of the lobe to its tip and then bending down slightly to gather at the head. On the other hand, inner conch is the cup shaped region directly anterior to the ear canal. On the other end of the spectrum, since healing of ear cartilage piercing takes a long time, many external factors are often present to further prolong complete healing.
These factors increasing one’s risk for infection after piercing include clothing, physical trauma, and harsh chemicals (eg.

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