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Author: admin, 15.09.2013
It was 10 db noisier inside the store than on always-busy University Avenue!”If only Gassee understood the comparative differences of the decible scale maybe his argument that the Apple Store is too damn loud would hold weight. Regular human conversation usually registers about 60-65 dB—or roughly the SPL that Gassee measured outside the Apple Store. It’s the combo of noises, body heat, physically having folks mashed up against you etc.

It’s a sensory overload that puts many folks on edge in a kind of flight or fight manner.
However, things like people and their clothing absorb and refract the waves themselves so it often balances out.And ultimately this guys test is questionable because he compared inside the building to a potentially quiet street with little traffic.
Micro lines in the glass to refract waves, white noise speakers especially in the tech and training areas etc.

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