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Nokia 1280 Not Charging Solution Nokia 1280 Charger Not Support Problem, Not Charging And Invalid Charger Solution .
Nokia hardware software solution flash file apps download,learn how to service a mobile phone. Anothers Good Solution About Nokia 1202, Nokia 1203, Nokia 1661 And Nokia 1662 Model Mobile Audio Ic Problem.
Samsung I9003 Galaxy SL Earpiece Speaker Sound Problem Solution Here’s a solution that may help fix and repair damaged hardware related speaker output Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 Galaxy SL Earphone Audio No Sound.

Put the bridge if defective, as one of the reasons for this is that the phone falls largely or water damage.
See the solution below, and see what components need to check or replace if there is the problem of this type of handset speakerphone. 1 Visually inspect the handset speakerphone for your damaged, misaligned terminals as possible. If the earpiece speaker has already been check and it seems to be working fine, but still no audio sounds can be heard.

If the sound is not heard by the ear speaker, this solution can help on how to diagnose and repair the problem.

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