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If you plan on stretching your ears, often times referred to as "gauging", understanding the difference between ear tapers and plugs is important. By learning what the difference is in ear tapers and plugs you can be better prepared to make decisions best suited to your body modification needs. Ear tapers are what you would actually use to stretch the hole in your ear to a desired gauge size.
Ear tapers, though many use them for everyday wear, are intended (and most often recommended) to be used only for the stretching process and not intended to be used as an everyday body jewelry. To properly use these one would start with a smaller sized taper, that at the smallest point is, as close to your current piercing hole size as possible (20g or 18g are quite common) and then gets slightly larger at the top. Be sure, when initially stretching your ears, to use ear tapers that are best suited to fresh ear stretches. These are generally used as everyday body jewelry or ear rings (of sorts) for those with stretched or gauged ears.
Ear plugs for gauged ears come in several different styles including: double flared, single flared and no flare as well as tunnel style (hollow center), screw on and solid plugs. If you have freshly stretched ears or unhealed holes use the stainless steel or glass, single or no flare ear plugs - at least until the skin has completely healed.
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The purpose of this thread is to share experiences so that other people can read it and get an idea of what to expect when having their ears pierced.
The first time around I didn't feel any pain when it was getting pierced, the second time it hurt super bad. It was pierced at 16g with a curved barbell, one of those special ones that has a push-pin sort of function so that you don't have to screw the barbells on. It hurt for about 3 days, sort of like a dull inner ear ache, and after that it was tender if I wore headphones. I love it, it was my first needle piercing, and it opened a whole new world (a gun-less one!) to me! When I was in high school, I decided that I wanted more lobe piercings, as well as a cartilage piercing. I know this is the ear forum, but I also have my nose pierced, so I figured I would mention that too! Except for the lowest lobe all were done with needles, lowest lobe was done with a safety pin (stupid i know!) when i was 15, but had been done before when i was 5 then 8 with guns, infected then removed both times.

Top helix was done by a professional (today hence the blood), had been done before a few months ago but migrated. I get a lot of comments from wow they looks cool to are you gay or something, why would you want more than one? These recommendations are based on information that they can cause disproportionate distribution of weight and pressure which can lead to malformed ear holes and other potential issues.
These would include stainless steel (most recommended) or glass as they contain smoother surfaces and are less likely to hold in infection or infection causing dirt or bacteria.
After stretching your ear piercing, using a taper, these are what you would then insert into the holes. They also come in an assortment of materials such as stainless steel, acrylic, wood, glass, plastic and more.
Once the skin is healed the other materials and styles, based on personal needs and preferences, can be safely used.
This article simply offers helpful tips and information on the difference between plugs and tapers and when to properly use them. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
It's been stretched up to 12ga and has some glass plugs in it that I love to play with. This was my first piercing since I was 8 years old, and the first one done professionally and with a needle. The bump was gone, there were no crusties still, but the whole upper ear was still strangely swollen.
It was tender for a month, after 2 months there was no swelling at all, and after 4 months I could sleep on it. I felt some pressure when the needle went in, but I didn't feel pain until the piercer started to put the jewelry in.
I had crusties for about 2 months with this one, and occasionally after swimming I'd have a lot of crusties. He did the industrial first that wasnt too bad, but when he pierced my conch it hurt like hell!!!! I also fell in love with the tragus piercing at this time and decided that I would also pierce my R tragus myself.
I also pierced these myself and used those sharp 20g starter earrings you can get at the mall; I just shoved them through! There was this really awesome shop that sold cannabis paraphernalia and did piercings as well.

I always liked the look of it, so I decided to get it pierced with a 16g captive bead hoop I had lying around in my jewelery box.
I was putting the needle in and it wasn't all the way through but I felt like something was really wrong so I pulled it back out. After about 6 months of having it, the piercer offered to repierce it in a slightly different spot and at a different gauge. These healed okay, yet my cartilage would get constantly irritated when I had jewelery in it. I wanted to do my L tragus for the longest time, so I decided to pierce it in Canada so that it would always remind me of our vacation. However, the hoop gave me a lot of problems, so I went back to my piercing place and they told me I would be better off with a stud or barbell. I later realized that the needle didn't go in straight at all and had gone through the back of the ear a little bit.
The most common shape is a straight taper that starts off small and gradually increases in size as it gets to the top.
If you're interested in sharing photos of your body mods, please read the Rules of the Gallery first. After 5 months I had serious problems with the CBRs and switched to 12ga glass plugs and the problems cleared up literally overnight. The first week it was fine and happy, a bit tender and swollen, but that's to be expected, right?
I decided on a 16g labret stud, so that the flat back would be flush with the back of my ear, and thankfully it hasn't been giving me any more problems. This one is a pain to clean though, since I can't really soak it well in my sea salt solution. At any time, you can use the "Start a Conversation" feature to get private help from our moderators, Angel on the Edge, Dnd4evr, Rainbird, xXJarredXx, Revs, and Craftsman. It is one of those piercings were you need to soak a cotton ball with the solution and apply compresses.
The piercer finally suggested changing to a barbell, since some people just couldn't heal with CBRs because they got hit too much. I really would like to get an industrial on both ears, but I don't have any more room lol.

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