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Author: admin, 02.01.2014
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There are many types of tape that you can use, but I find there is no tape that sticks like Curity by Kendall Porous tape. Have had many, many people come to me in frustration that they just could not keep the ears in tape. Work up the ear in the same manner, with the 4 shorter pieces overlapping them slightly as you proceed up the ear.

After you have the post firmly in place, you can also tape a couple of pieces of tape around the ear as shown for support. When using transpore tape it is not necessary to use adhesive remover to ease the tape off. Be advised that some dogs have a lower ear set which can make getting those ears high on the head impossible. If the ears get wet, start to become misshapen, look grungy, or smell, take the tape off right away. Doesn't have any sticky mess like electric tape and is the recommended tape by most professionals.

Bondage tape is also much wider than ptfe, so it fits nicely on plugs with larger wearable areas (the tape is 2 inches in width). Whether you are using it to stretch your ears, or to keep in your beside drawer, it's a great product!

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