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Earol® Swim with Tea Tree Oil SprayAn all-natural based spray to help prevent trapped water and Simmers Ear.
Throatol® SprayThroatol® Spray is used for the relief of dryness of the throat and oral cavity. Problems attributed to the accumulation of wax are one of the most common reasons for people to visit their doctor with ear trouble. Prior to visiting the doctor or the ear care clinic some practitioners advise to dose your ears with two shots of Earol Olive Oil Spray in the morning and evening for the 5 days before your visit.
If you feel that you have excessive ear wax, you should in the first instance make an appointment with your local specialist ear care clinic, general practice or audiologist. Earwax contains various enzymes, and lipids which create a slightly protective, effect by helping to maintain an acidic condition in the external ear canal whilst also lubricating and protecting the ear canal. Earwax excess and potentially compaction is a more common problem in elderly people because as a person ages the glands producing the earwax become less responsive, increasing the tendency of the wax to become drier.
A common cause of excessive wax accumulation remains misguided attempts to remove wax with such instruments as cotton swabs, needles and hair pins which, besides traumatising the skin, often contribute to and can impair the cleansing mechanism.
It can cause a conductive hearing loss and hence may interfere with a formal hearing assessment. If the earwax is so deep in the ear canal that it becomes in contact with the ear drum, it can cause discomfort, tinnitus, pain, possibly an irritable cough and occasionally vertigo. If water gets trapped behind the excess earwax during normal showering, bathing or swimming, it can contribute to infection. This schematic gives a good representation of the outer and middle ear, plus shows where wax can build up. Irrigating the ear with water will usually clear previously compacted plugs of earwax that have been softened by Earol® Olive Oil Spray.

Note: the old-fashioned big ear syringes have largely been replaced by modern irrigation machines.
Therefore, see a doctor or nurse after ear irrigation if you develop any ear pain, troublesome itch in the ear, discharge from the ear, or swelling of the tissues around the ear canal (which may indicate infection).
Your healthcare audiologist, nurse or doctor may recommend that you use Earol® once a week after the procedure as a preventative measure.
Your nurse, doctor or audiologist may look into your ear using a specialised device called an otoscope.
Some people are troubled by repeated build-up of earwax and require ear irrigation every so often. We will be adding additional guidelines to this section, giving you up to date information direct from the NHS. HL HealthcareHL Healthcare is a limited company registered and based in the UK who develop, industrialise and manufacture niche ENT over the counter healthcare products, our mantra being prevention is better than cure. Turning Safe Search OFF may display content intended for mature audiences.You must be at least 18 years old to continue.
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The ear canal is divided into two parts, the outer two-thirds which is cartilage and the inner one-third which is bony. Using the Earol spray prior to this appointment as per the patient information leaflet will help to soften any compacted wax and potentially dislodge the wax deposits. Ear wax is thus a normal secretion which becomes a problem in certain circumstances and ears require regular care to prevent the occurrence of ear problems, in the same way as personal care is provided for teeth and eyes.
In this situation, to prevent earwax building up and forming a plug, some doctors recommend using Earol® olive oil spray once on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

This unique design has been created by a US doctor and is fully recommended over standard curettes. In 1990 the average GP carried this out almost twice a week, nowadays in the United Kingdom the procedure is usually performed by qualified nursing staff. The skin lining the inner part is only 0.1 mm thick and is tightly attached to the underlying bone and membrane structure . There is some evidence to suggest that Earol will soften and lubricate lubricate compacted wax within a very short time period and as such the practitioner may use the Earol spray at the clinic immediately prior to earwax removal or ear examination.
Recent surveys examining the prevalence of excess wax, suggest that the problem it is higher in men than in women, in the elderly than in the young, and in people with intellectual impairment.
There is no risk of there being too much pressure applied which may harm (a problem with the old-fashioned syringes).
At this moment there is no clear guidance on frequency of use to manage the ear wax as different people have different rates of production, however, if you are troubled by regular plugs of earwax, you may wish Earol® on a regular basis to see if this prevents the problem. The skin lining the outer two-thirds of the canal is 10 to 15 times thicker and contains hair follicles, ceruminous and sebaceous glands which open into these hair follicles. It is perhaps a wiser route to visit a specialist ear care clinic to have your ears examined and the wax removed.
It is expected that the earwax will then be maintained in a softer state enabling it to function better.
All these factors show that the development of an ear canal totally blocked by a wax plug is not always associated with personal hygiene.

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