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Author: admin, 25.10.2013
My brother had a spell of vertigo and got the vertigo test where they blast your ears with water and he said its like your worst bout of drunk spins x1000. I ruptured both my eardrums as a result of a severe infection that started out as a cold, and used eardrops as I believed it was due to the result of too much earwax.
Not sure why but both my ears seemed a bit gunked up after being in the surf, came home cleaned one ear, pushed wax too far down, couldnt hear shit. When I told my doctor I had used qtips in my ear he nearly flipped his shit and forbade me to ever do it again.
Had to sleep while sitting for 2 days afterwards as tilting my head to either side was like slowly inserting sharp daggers into my skull. I was totally deaf and the local doctors surgery had no syringing equipment to clean it out so I had to go 3 days not hearing jack shit before I could get back to the city.

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