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Author: admin, 18.11.2015
Wax is a natural protector of the external canal and has some bactericidal properties as well as water protective functions.
Patients often feel a blocked sensation secondary to wax impaction and a decrease in their level of hearing. Wax naturally discharges itself from the ear canal and more often than not it is the incessant fiddling that is commonplace amongst humans that causes irritation and pushes wax deeper into the ear canal. If wax becomes a problem then this can be treated by removal under direct vision with a headlight and specialist instrumentation.

Alternatively ear irrigation can be undertaken by a trained practitioner but it is essential that the ear is dryed after this procedure and that it is undertaken by a person trained specifically in this.
Dr Francis Vaz consults on Harley Street and operates out of the Harley Street Clinic, London. Occasionally wax produces a degree of discomfort and if irritated can produce a degree of otitis externa. We can help this by not putting any objects such as cotton buds into the ears and also by softening the wax with the use of olive oil drops.

He also has a more local private practice that is undertaken through the Sloane Hospital, Beckenham, Kent. It is for this reason that if wax is visualized deep in the external canal that this is often a sign that it has been pushed here.

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