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Your head is full of important organs and structures, so problems around it can be worrying.
FACING UP TO PAINFacial pain is distressing, but it rarely signifies serious disease and can have many causes.
Middle-ear infections (known as otitis media) are common in children but fairly rare in adults.
Analysing a pain in a systematic way may give clues about a possible diagnosis and whether you need to seek medical advice promptly. SINUSITIS This may show itself as a dull pain, or tenderness in the bony bits above or below the cheekbones that gets worse if you bend forward. Especially useful in a noisy hostel or campsite.Plus 30% of all air travelers can suffer from a lot ear pain when the air pressure changes on flights during take off and landing. It is an inflammation or infection of the linings of pockets of air in the facial bones, and often occurs after a cold. Take painkillers and see the GP if you don't start to improve after two to three days, especially if you feel unwell, find pus or discharge.from the ear and have a high fever. See the GP also if you develop other worrying symptoms, such as a tender, boggy swelling behind the ear, a stiff neck or a severe headache; they can mean an infection has spread beyond your ear. These are re-usable ear plugs that regulate the air pressure, designed to reduce earache when flying (or anywhere at altitude) to a minimum.The handy pack of 6 foam plugs also work as a noise filter.

SHINGLES A blistery rash around the pain may indicate shingles, which is a viral infection of the nerves.
At the same time, the important sounds (speech, phone, radio and TV) can be heard.Many travellers have problems with jet lag as a result of long flights. If you have continuous pain, a fever and a tooth that is sensitive to hot or cold fluids, or that just doesn't feel right, you may have an abscess, in which case you need to see a dentist urgently. I am something of a connoisseur of these things, not one of those (irritating) people who can sleep through anything! If you get throbbing pain in a tooth which can also be sensitive to touch, dental decay may be the cause. They have to be comfortable when in, and these aren't the nicest I've had, but do-able and very effective, better than most at what they do. If you get a pain only when you bite or chew, you may have a cracked filling or fractured tooth. But they're a bit of a b----r to get in - the firmer end goes in first and the soft, thinner part last. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE - NOT GUILTY Many patients think raised blood pressure must be the cause of a headache. However, this softer part squashes before you can get the bulk of the thing inside the ear canal.

In fact, this is relatively rare, but drugs to treat high blood pressure can lead to headaches. However, the soft, yellow part remains outside the ear mostly and the rest seems to stay put all night well enough, the yellow part making it easy to pull the blighters out in the morning. There are better ones around (for my ears - it's very subjective) but these are good enough at a good price as long as you're ordering enough kit to offset or avoid postage so could work out very expensive indeed ha ha. TACKLING EAR SYMPTOMS These can range from mild discomfort, itching or feeling an ear is blocked, to a severe throbbing pain.
Rarely, ear conditions can cause complications and may be due to a serious underlying cause. This is called otitis externa, and is commonly brought on by prolonged immersion in water (hence its layman name 'swimmer's ear'), and it can be very painful.
Symptoms often settle within a few days but ask a pharmacist or GP for advice - antibiotic ear drops may be necessary.

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