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Author: admin, 10.01.2015
Cartilage piercing is a relatively common procedure and many people choose to pierce either the upper ears or the middle of the nose. One very different element that is common of cartilage piercing is that cartilage does not heal on the same time frame as does piercing through skin. A reason that cartilage is very different from a part of the body like an earlobe is because it is not supplied with blood in quite the same way as skin is. Given the greater sensitivity needed when cartilage is pierced, there are some steps to follow to be certain piercing takes place under the best circumstances.

Additionally, people should watch for signs of infection like pain, boils, bleeding or pus, and alert a doctor if they have they notice these. First, it’s advised people don’t get this area pierced with a piercing gun, as this may cause considerable damage that lengthens healing time.
They should adhere to instructions to retain the same earrings in, without changing them, to avoid complications. She's just one of many I've known who have had really bad infections, especially in their ears. I was in college with a girl who had, probably 10 piercings in one ear.

She took care of her ears, but infection set in the cartilage (her lobes were fine) and her doctor thought he wasn't going to get a few of the earring studs out of her ear! You really have to consider these kinds of things when you do something like get a cartilage piercing.

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