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Author: admin, 25.10.2014
When ear-cuffs earrings broke into the world of fashion last year, few girls were doing the statement look. I love the fun direction jeweller have taken with earring designs, especially the ear cuffs. Today, everyone’s jumping on the Ear-Cuff Trend one way or another through massive in your face pieces, or more subtle dainty ones. I think it has to do with the easiness of pulling off this trend, and why not the affordability of it.
They’re a subtle style statement, that can remain slightly hidden and dainty, or can be extravagant.
Subtle Statement.A You can style them with a crispy shirt for work, or opt for a very elegant dress with pumps for when you have to up your game for some important meeting in the office.

I have been from the very beginning, but never like lately, cause I just think it’s the most effortless look ever. I’m going to totally bookmark the Ear Cuff site you mentioned, as one of the crimbo presents I want- oh yes, I’ve already started my Crimbo List!!
In one year time, the ear cuff trend has nipped and tucked itself in such a way that today we’ve got whole stores of ear-bling to literally fit all styles, tastes, occasions, and pockets. Keep the rest simple, no necklaces, not extra razzmatazz, just a ring, if you will, is enough.
Ear-cuff that cover all the ear, in tiny crystals, or pearls, or even the thin animal styles in gold or silver that subtly wrap around your ear. Perfect for more laid back occasions, when you wanna look cool, edgy, slightly trendy, but never over the top – the colored gem styles, the funky animals, the musical notes, bugs, insects, hearts, lips, lizards and snakes in the shape of ear-cuffs are puuuuurfect.

Ever since celebrities started wearing ear-cuff earrings on the red carpet, the idea of jewelry for evening has slightly changed. Also, what’s great with them is that almost each earring comes with an earring stud pair! Yes you have to wear an elegant dress, and classy gown, a proper frock when you go to cocktails, weddings, or evening celebrations of sorts, BUT you can still look incredibly trendy and edgy with just a touch of accessories.
Like the statement embellished glamorous ear-cuffs look fabulous with any type of dress for evening, or going out, with your hair sleeked back, tucked behind your ear, or pulled up in a messy bun, or ponytail.

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