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Author: admin, 02.11.2014
My most favorite band of all time is the Golden Earring, they are THE face of Dutch popmusic. It all started out in the year i was born, 1961, four young men from Den Hague started a band called The Tornado’s, the memebers where Rinus Gerritsen (bas), George Kooymans (gitaar), Hans van Herwerden (gitaar) en Fred van der Hilst (drums). But when the english band Tornado’s score a hit with Telstar they know they need to come up ith another name.
The Hunters come out with a record called Golden Earrings and thats the name the four men choose for there band.

In 1963 the first changes in the band are made, van Herwede leaves the band and Peter de Ronde takes his place.
When the first beatsounds are becoming vocal and instrumental music is out the need to get a singer. They find Frans Krassenburg to be the singer and at the end of 1964 Fred van der Hilst leaves the band. During a concert in Scheveningen they get noticed by Frans haayen, he is a student and has a partime job with the record compagny Polydor, he gets them a contract with Polydor, later on in live he becomes the director of Polydor and stays the producer from the Golden Earrings until the 70s and stays there advisor until the 80s.

Its when Ceasar Zuiderwijk joins the band in 1970 that they are complete and the band stays until today in this formation.

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