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Sleeves I've been all about making dresses from duvet covers and sheets this summer. Loads of fabric and lots of chances to practice dyeing techniques as well as sewing ideas.
Newspaper Pulp Seed Starter Pots I got this idea off Pinterest (the source of so many ideas) and must say it's a brilliant way to both recycle newspaper AND get great little (free) seedstarter pots for the windowsill sprouting of my allotment veg! It's very simple, too. Just shred your paper, add hot water (or you can boil the strips to make the process go more quickly). Ideas I love shrugs and boleros (one and the same?) and am always looking for new ideas on how to make them! DIY Rich Rosewater Moisturizer I've been making my own lip balms and body butter for a while now, but always wanted to be able to make a really rich creamy moisturiser.
Template Just had this idea for how to make a top out of rectangles and shirring!
As part of our DIY Displays series Mary Ryan shows us how she made some quick and cheap earring displays out of greeting cards.
My next show was to be a home party, during the holiday season, in a high rise condo in Chicago. I used sets of blank greeting cards in two different sizes, matching coasters, and blank scrapbook paper cut-outs. As you can see, it’s just a miniature version of my craft show display, which you may be interested to know folds right down flat and weighs, oh, maybe five pounds tops.
Just for the fun of it, I photographed one of my pendants on its little journey from being a comic book to being on the display.
Kristina Ackerman is a busy freelance web designer, living and DIYing with her fella and their little fella in a cute old house in Atlanta, GA, USA. I’m about to do my first small festival in a few months, and your display idea really helps me visualize what I could do.
Since it's a tad too warm for hats right now, I have been making quite a bit of jewelry, which presents a different display challenge for craft fairs.
To make the next row, I clipped one of my earring cards onto the first ribbon to see how far it would hang down.
One of my very favorite parts about it (other than it being unique and handmade) is that if you carry the earrings separately, it folds up flat and is super lightweight, which is great when you're carrying things into a craft fair!! I love this 15 minute turtleneck cape tutorial from SewPetiteGal and have just made my favourite hybrid cape-dress by combining this technique with the idea inspired by the photo below. Maybe you could scent these with your favourite essential oils? I'm fairly new to blogging, which is rather unusual as I usually try out any and all new means of communicating as soon as I hear of them. Since I was low on funds and crunched for time, the hunt was on for a way to display my jewelry with the biggest bang for the buck.

I used the matching coasters and scalloped paper cut-outs to display those pieces directly on the table. And because the earrings were already pre-hung on the cards before the party, it was easy to transport and took only minutes to set up.
I hoard old comic books, ancient magazines and busted up games that no one wants anymore, take all the coolest parts, and make it into jewelry. I gave it a new logotype and new signage and stuff, but I kept my existing display—the only display I’ve ever used at a craft show, because I love it so.
Uncomplicating my display has been a big deal, because I hate to waste my early-morning energy setting up at shows. I, too, would rather roll in half an hour before the show starts and do not have much space at home (teeny apt shared with husband and 3-yr-old!) so this is great!!! As I described in an earlier reply to Sheila, the display isn’t made from the baskets themselves, but from the side supports that hold the baskets up and form the tracks for the baskets to hang from and act as drawers. I'm not counting those in the total because I wanted them for something else and will use them again. I've been making art since childhood and don't ever want to stop unless I physically have to. Couldn't find a link for this one, so I (ahem) winged it and just cut a long, narrow triangle out where I wanted sleeves. Super simple and fast, just the way I like my sewing projects! It seems to work better to put an old washcloth into the finished pots to get rid of the excess. Then just dry in the sun (or a slow oven) and you've got some great little biodegradable pots that can be planted as is in the garden when your seeds have grown! What to do with all this paper? So my printer packed in and while setting up a new one, I had to print a LOT of alignment and colour correcting pages. Until recently, I'd mainly only read blogs about photography, as this is my job (and passion). And depending on the type of show, time of year, and number of people attending, I always want to give my display a sort of custom look. Using a tiny hole punch, I made holes in the cards for the earring wires and displayed the cards like festive little table tents.
And for the first time outside hushed conversations between vendors, I’m about to reveal what my display is and how I put it together. I want to throw my stuff in the car, haul it inside in two or three trips, and be ready to sell inside of an hour, including tent setup when necessary. I was in fact looking for those wire cube things and wondering if I can somehow fashion it the same way.

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If it's a particularly delightful bit of feedback, perhaps we'll put it in the feedback hall of fame (which does not, technically speaking, exist). I threaded ribbon through an embroidery needle, laid the board on the table to keep it from bending and creasing as I pushed the needle through, then I pushed the needle and one end of the ribbon through.
I love making things, singing, learning new things, sharing my experiences, and eating pie. It’s just a set of closet organizers that I picked up for $10 at a garage sale and a bunch of neodymium magnets.
That white frame doesn’t look like it was made from the closet organizer in the photo above. I'm a blogger, an Etsy shop owner, a childcare provider, a Jamberry Nails consultant, a Breastfeeding Peer Counselor, and a coffee addict by necessity.
The two different sizes allowed me to have different levels on my table, making the display more interesting. Finally, you can find a tablecloth anywhere (the measurements will be printed on the package, so make sure you buy the right size) but it can be cheaper to use bed sheets.
I made the earring cards a couple of weeks ago after decided the cost to buy them wasn't worth it at this point.
It could probably use some more black in it or some thicker lines, but that's how it is right now.
On the back side of the board I created a simple square not to keep it from pulling through to the front and trimmed the ends.
Join me as I explore my own creativity while journeying through the joys and challenges of motherhood. Would this work?” I highly recommend it as a problem-solving method, especially for displays!

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