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DescriptionRelatedThese acrylic T-Bar stands are perfect for displaying one pair of earrings at a time. Slant back Earring Stand made of Acrylic - $1.08A simple acrylic jewelry display that will let your earrings shine. You always can give me the best plan ,and it lets my customer feel great,i hope we can have another chance to cooperation. China Good Quality Supermarket Display Shelving, Warehouse Storage Racks and Supermarket Shopping Carts International Trade Site.

This effective floor stand is equipped with metal wire shelving for different products and the layers are adjustable as per the customers' demand.
With a clear acrylic construction your customers attention will not be averted from the products on display.
Different logo can be silk screened on the header, shelves and bottom for the valued brand. The simple design also allows this T-Bar stand to blend in well with pre-existing décor.

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