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Author: admin, 31.05.2015
In honor of wedding season (cheers to all you brides-to-be!), I want to share my DIY personalized celebration banner.
I picked up most of these items at one of my very favorite paper stores in Portland, PaperSource. 1.) Type out your text and carefully select both your font and letter size for your banner. 2.) Place your letter on your accent color (its silver in this case) and use the pH adhesive to glue the letter to the silver note card. A few weeks ago I showed you my DIY earring organization solution, and I also promised you that I have just as much love for necklaces – they need a proper home too! 1.) Select the frame you would like to use  – design style, color and size are all up to you! 2.) Purchase appropriate sized hooks for your frame from a hardware store (mine are from Home Depot and are Crown Bolt Hooks and Eyes #106). 2.) Measure the opening of your frame and cut out a piece of screen door fabric accordingly. 3.) Once you have your screen door fabric, stretch tightly across the back of the frame and insert staples into the frame one inch apart.
So I must fulfill my promise and show you how darn easy it is to make curtains like these without sewing.
4.) Purchase the correct amount of fabric (feel free to ask anyone who works at the store for help in terms of calculating yardage) and also one large roll of Stitch Witchery (this stuff is magical). 7.)  Then, insert the stitch witchery inside the seam and press down with the iron for 10 seconds in one spot.
8.) Hang the panel on the curtain rod using drapery clip rings (space about 4 inches apart) and TA DA! My favorite, favorite part about making curtain panels is that fabric options are limitless. Are your earrings tangled in a mess on your bureau or scattered about your bathroom cabinet? Measure the length and width of your lid and add a couple inches to each side to ensure that you have enough fabric to fold underneath the rim of the box lid.

Place a few pieces of double-sided tape on the top side of your lid and position the fabric evenly, pressing down in the center of the lid to stick the fabric on. Make sure you give yourself plenty of space between each letter as you’ll need to individually cut out each letter. Try to punch each hole at the same height so when you go to hang the circles they lay evenly on the string. Choose a drill bit that is slightly smaller than your hook and drill a small hole in the wall. I still need to paint one of my white necklace frames a different color…always a project to get to! Insert the staples as close to the frame opening as possible, as this will help keep the fabric taut. To hang your earring holder, it is best to attach small sawtooth hangers to the frame, especially if it’s large and heavy.
Remember curtains look best when they are hung high and wide - you can really create the illusion of a larger window by doing so. If you live in Portland, my personal favorite stores are Bolt,  Whole 9 Yards and The Pine Needle.
Curtains really make a statement, so make sure the color and design are exactly what you want. If you have twenty minutes and a few simple household items on hand, you can quickly and easily craft yourself a mod earring holder from a recycled cardboard box in only eight simple steps!
We used packing tape to reinforce the corners and inside edges to make sure no part could come loose. Cut your fabric and iron it smooth, since this part will make up the front of your earring holder. Carefully and neatly fold one edge of the fabric at a time over the edge of the box lid and staple it on. Cut out several feet of each color and begin wrapping it firmly around your lid, knotting it tightly in the back. Using your needle and thread, carefully attach the buttons at the junctions of your yarn or ribbon.

You can also staple a length of string or ribbon to the top edge of your new jewelry hanger as shown in order to hang it from a hook.
Her wedding colors are yellow and gray (and you all know how I feel about yellow + gray!) and I love how this DIY project lets you select specific colors depending on the occasion as well as the text that goes on the actual banner.
And did I mention this little project costs much, much less than purchasing one from Pottery Barn? With that said, I just poked one very, very small hole in the center of my fabric and used a small nail to hang my earring holder. With that said, measure how high you want your curtains hung as well as the width of your window. I like to pull each bolt off the shelf and compare my favorites side-by-side before I make my final selection. By choosing your favorite colors and materials, you can add a funky accent to your closet or match your new earring holder to your bathroom decor. This is decorative but also anchors the string tightly to the lid and the fabric, creating a stronger area to hang heavier earrings. This banner works for baby showers, bachelorette parties, birthdays – any occasion really. I happened to have this old frame laying around the house, and that’s why I chose it. As for my inspiration for these handy earring holder frames, my dear friend Kristen thought them up when we were in college. And PaperSource honestly has every color in the book (and they ship anywhere!) so the options are endless. One important thing to note: you will be using a staple gun to adhere the screen door fabric to the frame, so make sure your frame is sturdy enough to stand-up against a staple gun.

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