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Author: admin, 09.01.2015
These 4-sided earring holder displays range in capacity from 60-120 pairs of earrings to 80-160 pairs for the largest stand. Featuring a compact, spinning four-sided design to maximize storage with a small footprint on your dresser this is the perfect earring holder that's both attractive and easy to use. These earring holders feature varying slat spacing so you have space to put your long earrings and short earrings with minimal overlap and will make organizing and finding your earrings fun again!

All of Tom's earring holders accommodate studs, wires, clip-ons, loops, hoops, leverbacks and more.
Finished with a liquid beeswax finish they will look great on your dresser displaying all of your collection.
Beachy Plant Jewelry These crystal shell “picks” add a bit of a Floridian vibe to any potted plant!

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