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Author: admin, 20.10.2013
These 4-sided earring holder displays range in capacity from 60-120 pairs of earrings to 80-160 pairs for the largest stand. Featuring a compact, spinning four-sided design to maximize storage with a small footprint on your dresser this is the perfect earring holder that's both attractive and easy to use.
These earring holders feature varying slat spacing so you have space to put your long earrings and short earrings with minimal overlap and will make organizing and finding your earrings fun again! All of Tom's earring holders accommodate studs, wires, clip-ons, loops, hoops, leverbacks and more. Finished with a liquid beeswax finish they will look great on your dresser displaying all of your collection.

The frame I used was purchased at Michael's Craft store for $1 and the cute little appliques were 59 cents each. I was kind of stuck on what to use for the mesh part of the earring holder, so while I was in Michael's I asked an employee if they had any plastic mesh and she led me right to the needle point canvas. I am a 50 something mother of two beautiful children and the wife of my handsome and handy Mr. These 2-sided earring holder stands range in capacity from 30-60 pairs of earrings to 96-192 pairs for the largest stand with capacity determined by the size and types of your earrings. For those with larger collections of earrings short on space is Tom's double-sided earring holders, featuring a compact 2-sided design to maximize storage with a small footprint on your dresser.

I love anything to do with home and family, along with everything from thrifting and painting to getting elbow deep into a great DIY project or creating a favorite meal. So very glad to have you in the link party :) I need to get more frames from the thrift store now that you mention it!

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