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Author: admin, 09.06.2014
Makikiraan lang po sa girl talk nyo to say “thanks Toni!” for visiting my blogs! Those are such nice collection of earrings, plus its so visual, you can decide right away which one to use. For those of you who are purchasing Crystal,we realize that this is one of the most important purchasing decisions you will make.
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There are two rows of foam at the bottom, three rows for hanging, and five blunt spokes at the top, for bracelets and necklaces.
Funny when you mentioned the picture frame idea in your post, I was actually thinking of the same thing. I’m hesitant to try it because all the blank space will really make me think of wanting to fill it up.
Toni gets earrings a lot for presents, and so most of the earrings here were special gifts from family and friends.

I just checked out one at the local supplies store, but my my, all that blank space might make me want to buy more pairs of earrings.
I’m not much of a dangly earring girl (got an autistic son who likes to swallow them whole) but I do like little Japanese dolls like yourself. Such a fun book for younger children.Here are a few of our other favorite Snowman Books (and the classic movie I remember watching in Grade School).
Take the headpin and put the two larger pearl beads on, then the red rondelle (scarf), then the smaller pearl bead (head). Use the needle nose pliers to open the circle on the bottom of the fish hook earring finding. This is a cove for genuine conversations, imperfect and sometimes stressed out, but always, as much as we can, coming from a place of love and inspiration.
She used to keep all her dangling earrings in one box, so they’d always end up in tangles. But Toni hates cramped spaces, so she gives each pair of earrings a bit of breathing room too.
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For necklaces, I have an organizer but it doesn’t seem to be working well for me yet.
Get creative.)Findings2- Fish Hook Ear Wires (I like Sterling Silver) can be found most places beads are sold, like at Joann's. Here is a great video for a simple way to connect the dangle beaded headpin to the fish hook earring. There are LOTS of good buys there she says, but this earrings organizer was her absolute fave. Before I was so conscious because my ears are a bit big and thought dangling earrings make them look bigger.
However, when my cousin gave me a pair, it made me open to the idea of wearing more dangling earrings.

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