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Author: admin, 15.10.2015
Making hoop earrings are entirely an attractive and surprisingly simple way to make jewelry. Get loose beads in bulk from top China beads wholesaler online at cheap price for jewelry making.
I would like to subscribe Learning Center Newsletter on brilliant craft tutorials, creative ideas, inspiration and more essence. Jewelry Making Journalfree jewelry tutorials, plus a friendly community sharing creative ideas for making and selling jewelry. The way you display necklaces can be as trendy and unusual, or as elegant and classical, as the jewelry itself.
If you’re deciding what kind of necklace displays you want, take some time to consider the rest of your jewelry display, and the style, length, and number of items you want to show. Whether it’s a good showcase for your attention grabbing, knock-their-socks-off necklace. There are many styles of stands and boards with hooks or hangers that hold necklaces, which are popular because they’re attractive, professional, and they hold a lot of jewelry while using only a small amount of table space. These come in velvet, leatherette, silk, satin, linen, and other fabrics, as well as plastic, wood, and metal.

There are also jewelry rolls that are used mainly by traveling jewelry wholesalers, that unroll or unfold to show necklaces snapped into place and laid out nice and straight. These are very convenient for traveling to a lot of different venues, especially if you have to pack small. There are many displays shaped like an upper torso (sometimes including a head), called necklace busts. They’re made in all colors of velvet, leatherette, linen, silk, satin, and sometimes other fabrics.
You can also make your own cheap and easy necklace display busts like this one, that look very professional.
Also look at things like bowls turned upside down, empty oatmeal boxes, and other items you have around the house. Once they’re covered with fabric, these unusual objects will look very elegant, and no one will stop to wonder what’s inside the fabric!
Consider spray-painting or re-covering old displays and busts to give them a jazzy new life.
Be sure to compare prices carefully, because they vary widely from one jewelry display supplier to another – especially with the cost of shipping.

Get every strategy and secret I've learned from years of selling my handmade jewelry at shows. Copyright © 2003-2016, Rena Klingenberg (or guest author named in article byline), and may not be reproduced without author's permission. If you have been eager to join the DIY craze but do not know how to start, one of the best choices is to try one of these simple jewelry making ideas. These are made to display a single necklace, and sometimes also have an attached earring display at the top to show a matching pair of earrings. Once you have them done, you have a pair of beautiful hoop earrings that you know are totally unique in the word. If you lay your designs on the table, you can use fabric swatches or placemats to accent the design.
If you will, you’ll find that wind will wreak havoc with lightweight displays (I have lost displays this way, and even worse, I lost jewelry ?? ) For festivals and outdoor markets, don’t forget to factor in the dreaded wind!

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