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Author: admin, 08.04.2015
This tutorial will show you how to make your own paper quilled daisy earrings.  These daisy flowers are one of the basic quilling shapes, so they are great for a beginner to make!  This tutorial was first published on Red Ted Art, but I wanted to post it here as well with some additional guidance. These daisies can also be used as decoration for greeting cards, frames, magnets, and even put onto hairclips!  This tutorial includes basic quilling instructions as well!
I enjoyed your instructions but found none for the very last photo where the flowers have a black border or tape or?
Thank you for your comment ?? In the tutorial I use the two colors of orange for the flower. Hi Priya ?? I have heard several complaints about this quilling paper shiner that is sold in India.

Sadly, I don’t think there is any way to fix what has happened ?? definitely don’t use that brand of quilling shiner anymore, though! If you want a black border, use black as the shorter outside piece instead of the darker orange (and of course use any color you wish for the middle. If you don’t use sealant, then you must be careful not to get the hairclip wet, get hairspray on it, handle it roughly, etc. Look for the name brands I mentioned in my reply to Priya and get one to use in the future. If it is something you wanted to wear just once like a wedding, then you don’t have to use sealant.

There are many alternate things you can use to seal and make your earrings shiny such as mod podge, crystal coat glaze, PPA (perfect paper adhesive) and more.

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