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Hey guys, I did some research on the internet and found out a ton of cool information regarding rings being worn and what it means, one of which being if you wear a thumb ring and youre a man, youre homosexual, whereas if youre a girl and you wear a thumb ring, youre lesbian.
I've never seen a gay man or woman with a thumb ring, can't say I've ever heard that one before either. The only ring I wear is my wedding band - and I take it off when I need to (cooking, working with tools, etc).
As Eun Chan and Han Gyul kiss, Han Gyul closes his eyes for a moment… before he pushes Eun Chan away, alarmed.
But thankfully, that doesn’t ruin anything between them, and they drink together outside.
Han Gyul wonders how to act around his grandmother, and Eun Chan relates a story about her father, who was sick for a long time before passing away. Talking it over with Eun Sae, Eun Chan wonders if she should just reveal that she’s a girl. Eun Sae lays out her two options: Either she tell him the truth, or forget about having a romantic relationship and just go on acting as a male to be near him. However, Eun Chan and Han Sung see the scene, and Eun Chan feels the blow of seeing them together. Driving back to work, Eun Chan is pissy and short-tempered, causing Han Gyul to wonder what’s with her. At work, Min Yub swears to Sun Ki that he’ll keep his secret (about his devotion to his former love), and Sun Ki, warming to him, asks if he wants to know another one. Eun Sae goes on an audition amongst some truly terrible acts, and although they like her telegenic appearance (but what’s with the phallic wand?), her singing is pretty awful.
Min Yub presents Eun Sae with a bouquet of flowers, but she’s in a foul mood due to her failed audition, and is feeling no desire to be nice. That night, Eun Chan tells Eun Sae it really seems it can’t work with Han Gyul, but she still likes him. DK (I assume) arrives at Yu Ju’s gallery to recruit her services for a restaurant he plans to open.
At work, Sun Ki looks pointedly at Eun Chan’s chest and asks how she managed to flatten it.
At Han Sung’s house, playing around with the instruments, Han Sung notices that Eun Chan looks good today.
Bringing Eun Chan along as he takes his grandmother for dessert, Han Gyul watches as they get along. Shocked at his kiss, Eun Chan pushes him aside and runs out, running into Yu Ju in the front yard. The next day, Eun Chan asks Ha Rim if he’s kissed before, and if people really do it so easily. Like Eun Chan recalled doing with her sick father, Han Gyul visits his grandmother and lies beside her as she sleeps.
After Han Gyul passes out from drinking, Eun Chan carries him in on her back, dropping him on his bed, his arm strewn across her torso. Eun Chan tosses his arm off, gets up, and sits at a distance while Han Gyul alludes to a story about sworn brothers who are closer than blood brothers.

I love reading your summaries and a better understanding of what’s going on in the episodes until the subs are released. I wonder if granny passes away which brings some persepective for him—- life is too short to be living without love. I hope CP keeps goin’ this good way, and doesn’t fall off its quality because of any last minute directing rush! I think that when he actually finds out that EC is a GIRL and not a GUY, its going to be through someone else. Its a handbook for mental health professionals that lists different categories of mental disorder and the criteria for diagnosing them. Fiona, in the 1970s, the DSM-III (diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders) removed homosexuality from their list of mental diseases. This is going to the top of my list of kdramas if they keep doing such a fantastic job with this drama.
I remember reading that pheromones are gender-specific and so perhaps that’s one explanation as to why Han Gyul might react that way to Eun Chan.
I had never thought that men that wear thumb rings were pole smokers or women that wore them were divers of muff. Female jazzy-blues singer, similar in style to Madeleine Peyroux, with a vocal quality that kinda reminds me of Rachael Yamagata. She’d lay beside him in bed while he slept, or go to him when she got scolded by her mother. While playing Go Stop, Eun Chan sees grandmother and grandson conspiring, and accuses them of scamming. Since she won’t speak to him, Han Gyul tries to engage her attention by giving her tasks, but no matter what he says or how he provokes her, she makes no response. He answers no to the questions of whether he’s ever wanted to be a woman, or use makeup to look like one.
She insults Min Yub, saying she hates ignorant guys like him, and when he won’t leave her alone, she throws his flowers to the ground. Alarmed that their simple plan to make Min Yub look good is going awry, Ha Rim and Sun Ki chase Eun Sae with the aim of getting her phone. Ha Rim jumps to the conclusion that Eun Chan has found a girlfriend and tells Han Gyul, saying they should all help Eun Chan along.
He was born of an affair his father had, and his mother, being kind and generous-hearted, took him in as her own son. Lying next to him, she stares at his face, his eyes closed, for a long moment before getting up — but his arm suddenly tightens and pushes her back down. I mean, I thought it was fishy that Min Yup was waiting in the bushes, but I thought that was his usual stalker behavior.
Like I said last time, I love that their friendship is being given importance, that makes the characters so likeable and more real to me. That way he is going to be mad at her and tell her that: How could she do that knowing how he felt about her, making him suffer like that. Seriously, the script is excellent so far, even with all the cliches they’ve made the story and the characters original.

You remind me of those people who try way too hard to be cool by imitating other edgy people because they lack any inherently interesting qualities. I could see if you were coming to terms with it and accepting who you are, but it is VERY much different than 'getting into' 40k.
Although the grandmother acts like she’s annoyed, she likes not being treated specially because of her illness, and Eun Chan does just that. Hearing Eun Sae’s choked voice, Eun Chan comforts her sister, who cries over her failed audition. He’s feeling depressed over Eun Sae (Ha Rim offers to help him win her over), but their confrontation is cut short by Han Gyul, who orders them to stop disturbing customers and get back to work. That freaks her out, and seeing her reaction, Min Yub bursts in and goes overboard in retaliating against her attackers. Han Gyul tells Eun Chan to bring her by the cafe, then hurriedly goes off into the empty kitchen to take some of the doctor’s medication.
I think someone mentioned how one wonderful thing about the relationship between Han Gyul and Eun Chan is that the friendship component is just as important to Han Gyul as the gay aspect. But then, it’s only better for them for now =) I can’t wait until ep 9 and 10 comes out!! I’m curious to see if Han Gyul has really resolved this issue (im betting not, tee hee). I don’t know if it is less painful to find out from EC herself or a second hand account.
As a result, though, Eun Sae is both thankful and impressed, which makes Min Yub adorably happy. Han Gyul finally stands up to him, saying his father doesn’t know what Han Gyul wants. His first thought was that he had to leave without revealing that he knew, and thus he lived till now… But today, the truth finally came out, and he regrets it.
After wrestling with his own emotions, he’s concluded that he values Eun Chan too much to lose her. This is my first time seeing her, and before I thought it was just the hype that made YEH popular, but now I happily admit that I admire her as an actress. He showed that in Episode 7 a little, but Episode 8 really seals the deal, because regardless of the nature of the relationship, they want to be with each other.
Confession would bring pain to HK, possible termination of any association between the two. How would his family react, a grandmother and mother who expect him to marry a GIRL and bring home a daughter in law.
Even if though he now realizes that he is not attracted to other men, just EC, and therefore not gay.

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