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Dragon Sentry Ear Wrap - This Sentry Dragon Ear Wrap is very new and the perfect addition to the range of dragon items. Guardian Dragon Ear Wrap - Let your Guardian Dragon guard your ear and person against all comers! Full Ear Dragon Wrap - Climbing and entwining itself around the outside of your ear, this stunning piece is sure to thrill. TE1156 - Tiny Flying Dragon Earrings - These cute little guys growl and take flight on your ear lobes! E175 - Wyverex Dragon Earring - A wonderful single earring of a dragon, wings spread, roaring defiance. Climbing Dragon Earcuff - Scampering up the outside of your ear (or down it) this adorable dragon ear cuff is one of my favourites.
Chevron Dragon Earcuff - This adorable dragon earcuff lovingly hugs your ear with his wings (as he hangs on for dear life!) looking over his shoulder to take in the scenery.

They were sitting on the railing in front of the Aeropostale shop and making faces for the camera. It is available for either the left or the right ear and swoops down along the cheek, keeping a protective watch. It has a sterling silver (or gold) wire which wraps around the ear like a pair of glasses allowing the delicate dragon to seem perched around your ear.
Typically draconic, he perches over the ear in a protective yet menacing posture sure to draw attention from everyone! Created specially for the right ear, this adorable dragon whispers secrets into its wearers ear. No need for holes or any piercings, this simply hooks on to the outside of your ear like any other ear cuff. PLEASE SPECIFY right or left ear when ordering as this piece can be created for either ear.

No need for anything extra holes or any special ear shape - this is perfect for everyone as it hangs off the inside of your ear as shown. We can make no claims nor guarantee any medical, supernatural or magical qualities for any product. As for fashion, the guy on the left is wearing a beret hat, a brightly colored beaded necklace, several layers of shirts (with glasses hanging from the collar), black skinny pants, a backpack, and Adidas sneakers. The guy on the right is wearing a plaid button up shirt over a white t-shirt, cropped pants, a Gregory bag, and white Converse Jack Purcell sneakers with Velcro laces.

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