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Poke a hole in each piece of bark and slide it on the head pin, one on top of each other.  I used 6 pieces of bark stacked on top of each other.
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These earrings are so much fun to make and wear!  The only material you need is wire!  I used 18 gauge copper, but you could use any metal you like.
Roll your wrist and the pliers away from you as far as you can.  Readjust the pliers and roll away again until the loop is complete.
Add each of the hammered wires to the earring wire, one at a time.  Each earring wire gets one of each size, starting with the largest to the smallest. Want to stay in touch and get access to private, exclusive jewelry tutorials only to my newsletter subscribers?  Put your email address in the box below and join the mailing list! This entry was posted in jewelry tutorial and tagged diy, earring instructions, emerging creatively, how to hammer wire, how to make a loop, how to make earring wires, how to make earrings, how to make hammered wire earrings, how to make jewelry, kimberlie Kohler, tutorial, wire wrapping by Kimberlie.

If you are looking to spice up your outfit with a bit of gothic flair, you may want to try out  this vintage silver Dragon ear wrap.

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