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Author: admin, 26.02.2015
Note: Since these earrings are tiny (finished they measure about 10 or 11mm across the middle) I am using larger beads in the tutorial below. Start by threading four pearls and 4 seed beads onto a piece of thread, placing a seed bead between each pearl.
Tie a knot, then thread the string through a couple beads to secure it, and cut off the excess string. Put a little glue onto the flat surface of the earring post and press it to the back of the earring.
Since the front of the earring isn't flat, I put mine face down in some beads to hold it upright while it was drying. My Girlish Whims has created a post of 20 beautiful earring projects for all of the jewelry makers out there. I played around with some simple bead weaving ideas for a few minutes and came up with these.

Then, form a circle by taking the end of the thread (the side that ends with a seed bead) and threading it back through the first pearl.
String one seed bead onto the other side and then thread it through the pearl on the other side. Today I want to show you the new tutorial - a herringbone bracelet with superduo beads and pyramid studs.
I usually end up using them to make necklaces and bracelets though because they are always too big for my ears and look a little silly on me. In the event that there is a problem or error with copyrighted material, the break of the copyright is unintentional and noncommercial; and the material (images) will be removed immediately upon request and presented proof. This weekend, I came across a pair I really liked and thought I could probably make something that looked similar, but much smaller. Pass each side of the string through several beads, making sure to end them at the same place so you can tie a knot.

The only point of putting this bead here it to fill in the hole and make a somewhat flat surface to glue the earring back. Here you'll find tutorials, reviews of patterns and materials, articles for beginners, tips, inspiration and everything else related to jewelry and beadwork! I just happened to have a bead the right size that would work, but if you don't maybe use a couple smaller beads.

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