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Among various piercing trends on the ear, double ear piercing is very popular among celebrities, especially female celebrities. Many female celebrities have been caught sporting nice ear piercings, and double piercing seems to be the most popular among ear piercing ideas recently. The style has been quickly adapted by their fans that adopted their ear piercing styles and combined the accessories with glamorous, elegant styles as what the celebrities show. Double ear piercing used by many female celebrities are usually the ones that look very elegant and not so outrageous, yet still show unusual, edgy look that regular earlobe piercing does not have. This Post known as :double ear piercing - doppel helix piercing - ear lobe piercing - pics of double ear piercing - actresses having double ear pieecing - top of ear piercing - triple ear lobe piercing - triple lobe piercing - triple lobe piercing combinations - double piercing trends women - double piercing ideas - double pierced ear - double ear ring in double ear actress images - Double Cartilage Piercing Celebrity - Celebrity with Double Ear Piercings - celebrity ear piercings - celebrities with double pierced ears - celebrities with double ear piercings - upper ear piercing celebrity -Posts related to Double Ear Piercing Inspiration from Celebritieswhat earrings can you put in your helix piercingDouble Helix Piercing Double helix piercing offers had better look on you. Even young actresses such as Emma Watson, Hayden Panettiere and Miley Cyrus have started to use double ear piercing that is not limited to regular earring holes. Combining elegant and glamorous style with ear piercings other than earlobe type (the most common one) shows unique style combination that will look great at every occasion.
They can be in combined styles, such as earlobe and helix piercings, or two jewelry items on one spot like multiple helix piercings.

Ear cuffs wraps around the ear with No piercing required and should fit snugly into the ear canal. Double ear piercings can be on different spots, but they can also be on the same spots yet using more than one jewelry items or hooks. They use various styles of ear piercing from helix to anti helix, from scaffold to earlobe piercing and even the hugely painful conch piercing. Celebrity ear piercing becomes such as huge trend, and you can try it too; combining glamorous, elegant and feminine look, such as dressy outfits and bun hair, with edgy double ear piercings. They make great ear accessories without losing feminine and elegant aspects of a woman’s appearance.
Basically, you start on the top rim of ear, turn the ear cuff inward to hook onto the inner rim and then slide it down.
Ear cuffs can be adjusted to your size by stretching them out a bit and if worn correctly, you wouldn't need to stretch them at all afterwards once you get this mechanism down.And here is another picture of the different parts of the ear. This is the one I wear most often.(The flower earring is a stud that can be purchased here.

I have two piercings on each ear lobe and this picture was taken before I got my cartilage pierced.)The chain length of this cuff earring is 3cm. This is around the helix or rim part of the ear.I prefer not to wear ear cuffs that high up because it doesn't feel as secure and can feel loose but it is possible to wear it there especially with these solid band ear cuffs. For those that want to wear cuff earrings on the upper cartilage will have to request a longer chain length so don't forget to leave a note for me when placing an order. You could also request to switch any wire wrapped ear cuff with these solid band ear cuffs through here.

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