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This page contains links for viewing and downloading our price list cover sheet and catalog pages.
Download the pages yourself for free right here and now to avoid costs and time delays in receiving these through the mail, and get decent color printouts in bargain. Lots of different types of horn plugs with engraved or bone dust inlay designs, plain solid or hollow plugs, hollow cut-out spirals or triskels, hollow with: Borneo flares, Marquesas design, or Berber dots, and silver cap overlays.

Horn shapes include: upside-down U's, omega's, tapered CBR's, yoni's, square CBR's, Java style hoops, super tiny, compact, wicked, and homegirl spirals, claws with balls or inlaid nail heads, and horn and bone labrets and septums. Newer designs shown on page 4 include: inverted teardrop spirals, super tiny spirals, wicked spirals, bamboo rhizome hoops, and horn or bone pinchers.
Not shown: a new stretched horn spiral shape, bone spirals, medium horn spirals, hollow and solid opal inlay plugs, unique plugs with other fancy stone inlays, and cthonic monster claws with tagua nut heads.

Please do not send these images or areas of them back to us with email inquiries; instead, each item is clearly labeled with a description that can be easily typed in as reference.

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