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Eloge de l'Art par Alain TruongArt is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known. The brooch is designed as a snowflake composed of graduating ruby and diamond set tear drop shaped sections that surround a large cabochon ruby. The brooch is set with a total of 17 cabochon rubies and 144 diamonds weighing approximately 8.28 carats. The hammered gold cuff is set atop with a carved gold leopard set with 2 emerald cabochons as the eyes.

The earrings center a square like section of platinum set with 12 diamonds surrounded by sections of ribbed gold. The ring is designed as a coiled snake with textured gold scales set with diamonds on the head and tail and ruby cabochons as the eyes. The earrings are designed as paisleys of hammered gold centering a polished pear shaped piece of coral. The lever back cufflinks are designed as textured gold wolf heads set with two cabochon emeralds as the eyes.

The dome shaped ring is composed of five rows of twisted gold accented by two emerald cabochons, two ruby cabochons and two sapphire cabochons.

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