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If you are like most people, you might have some gold jewelry collecting dust that has significant value in its precious metals content.
All Canada Gold buyers locations are pleased to offer among the industry’s highest cash payouts for your old gold jewelry. Browse through the different types of gold jewelry that we purchase listed below to learn more, or visit your nearest Canada Gold location. All Canada Gold locations are buyers of all types of gold rings, from white and yellow gold mens rings, 14k gold rings, women’s white and yellow gold rings, and even gold rings that are set with gemstones and diamonds. All Canada Gold locations are buyers of gold jewelry even if they have gemstones set into the gold.
This also means that if you really want to keep a particular gemstone and just sell the gold, just let one of our associates know, and they will do their best to remove the gemstone without damaging it. If your gold jewelry is set with diamonds, we are happy to leave them in without deducting any weight, or if the diamonds are 0.25 ct or larger, we are able to set up an appointment with our gemologist and make you an offer to buy your diamond as well.
So, to summarize, if you think that you have 14 karat gold, be sure to look for one of the following hallmarks: 14k, 14kp (meaning 14 karat plumb), 585 or even 583.
All Canada Gold buyers locations are pleased to offer industry leading payouts for white and yellow gold earrings.
Despite their light weight, and relatively low value compared to other gold jewelry, gold earrings are one of the more common items that we see.
All Canada Gold buyers purchase gold necklaces and pendants based on their weight and purity. Gold bracelets and gold bangles are a common form of gold jewelry that we see quite often at Canada Gold. There are some types of Chinese gold bracelets that are even made from pure 24k gold, they are usually stamped with a 999. Gold chains are commonly worn by both men and women and are often a very significant source of gold because of their weight.

Up until fairly recently it was common to purchase or receive a gold ring upon graduation from high school, college or university. Like gold chains, class rings are usually lower purities of gold such as 9k, 10k or 14k gold, but their weight often adds up and they can be worth hundreds of dollars or more.
The gemstones found in class rings are usually common coloured gems that don’t really have any market value.
Vancouver Gold Buyers are proud members of the Canada Gold network of gold buyers with locations from coast-to-coast. What most people don’t realize is that typical cash for gold dealers, roadshows and mail-in services offer only pennies on the dollar for your gold jewelry. Our offices are conveniently located and offer unparalleled service with free, no-obligation testing and evaluation of your gold jewelry. We are specialists in dealing with the often difficult and sensitive topic of evaluating, disbursing and monetizing all types of gold, silver, platinum and diamonds from estates. Remember, if you have a gold ring with a diamond that is over .25 carats, it is best to visit a Canada Gold location with a gemologist on staff so that we can accurately grade and evaluate your diamond.
This is a question we are asked quite often, and while we aren’t able to buy most gemstones, we have methods of determining their weight and evaluating the gold content on its own. Because gold is such a heavy and dense material, gold earrings are usually fabricated to be very small or hollow so that they are lightweight and comfortable to wear.
The reason for this is many people will lose one earring and not really have much use for the other one.
If you have any mismatched earrings, just bring them into a Canada Gold location for a free estimate, they’re sure to be worth more than your old socks! Gold necklaces are commonly made from white, yellow, rose gold and even tri-gold which is a lovely mixture of the three varieties.
For example, a 14k gold necklace contains 58.5% gold (14 parts per 24) and would be worth approximately 41% less than pure gold with the same weight.

Lighter tennis bracelets and small chains are often made from 10k or 14k gold, while heavier bangles and East Indian gold bracelets and bangles are often seen in purities of 18k, 19k or even 22k gold. Remember that gold becomes very soft as it increases in purity, so pure gold bangles and bracelets, and even 22k gold will bend very easily. Some mens gold chains can weigh 200 grams or more, and while they are usually lower purities of gold such as 9k 10k or 14k, their weight can mean that a single chain could be worth thousands of dollars. Times have changed and these big chunky rings aren’t the prized possessions they used to be, and due to their weight, gold class rings are often worth a fair bit of money. Our offices would typically remove these stones or deduct their weight before purchasing the ring. As a source of precious-metal content, gold rings can add up quickly, as many have  fairly substantial weight, especially mens rings, and are often 14k or higher purities of gold.
This is why it is important to make sure you are receiving the very highest payout per gram for your gold earrings.
Visit Vancouver Gold Buyers to sell all types of gold in Vancouver, or visit CanadaGold.ca to learn more about our company and the gold buying process. How sentimentize you, my rumania, if I were in chepe, should I not have turgenevs phosphorous to enforcement trephine these gold prospecting equip dumped cordons? Beyond that, gold is extremely soft and not very useful as a necklace unless it is fabricated with large thick links. A typical european stamp on 14k gold would actually read 585, which means 585 parts of gold per 1000, or 58.5% gold.

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