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Affiliate Disclosure: At absolutely no expense to you, if you make a purchase, we may receive commissions from some links on this website. I don't like giving advice on things I haven't done but I've been asked a million-and-one times about what to do if your hair went a long time ago or don't want to use the concealers, treatments or undergo a hair restoration procedure(s).
So let me give you my opinion based on bald guys that I know who sleep with a lot of hotties and bald guys that stand no chance with 95% of women. This will not appeal to everyone but if you want to regain your sex appeal, this would be the way to maximize it.
You don't want to look like the average bald guy who walks around with his head down and hasn't been sexually active in years.
By and large, the bald guys I know that are talking to plenty of girls (and confidence) have an edgy, "bad ass motherfucker", tough guy appearance. By and large, the bald guys I know that go for months or years without sleeping with a girl have a "poor bald guy" appearance and mentality. While I encourage most guys to achieve a 'some muscle, super lean' body, since that is the Ideal Body to appeal to the greatest amount of women, I encourage bald guys to really pack on the muscle. You don't have to look like a professional bodybuilder, you just want to look like you can beat the hell out of all of the pretty boys (and protect an entire family with your bare hands). Regardless of what the muscle-haters say, this appearance is masculine and appeals to a lot of women - especially sexually-active women.
You don't have to use steroids but you certainly get the green light from me because you don't have to worry about hair loss any longer. While The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) is definitely a genetic freak, don't think you can't get to 225 or 240lbs with steroids. I suggest you stay at <8% body fat and take moderate-high levels of anabolics (stay on a gram of testosterone for a year and rotate orals) and eat a clean diet.
Consider getting a prescription for Human Growth Hormone and Cytomel (T3) to keep fat off your body. Get this cheap little supplement to shed water during the day, for the night if you are going out.
Provided that you find a good tattoo artist, your sex appeal will benefit immensely from this suggestion.
Not to mention - the hottest sexually active girls have always liked "bad boys" with tattoos. Decide on something small to start with, look on the Internet for ideas, go meet the artist and get it done. One guy I knew from the pickup community who actually did really well with women was bald, 5 foot 6 and had a bright pink beard. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses - it's better to have one too many than one too few.
In general, go for 'studs' and not hoop earrings unless you are putting together a specific look (rockstar).
While a lot of guys know how to dance, it's rare to find a hyper-masculine 'bad ass motherfucker' with tattoos that knows how to move.
Although going tanning might seem contradictory to my previous recommendation, it's not if you do it correctly. Kelly Slater is a professional surfer that doesn't have the typical long hair pretty surfer boy look.

Especially if you plan on doing some online dating - do yourself a favor and get some sexy professional pictures taken. It's rare that a bald guy is narcissistic, but if you get there - you are on the right track. One of my good friends that does ALL of these things and always gets hot girls no matter what city he moves to said that it is really important to move on from your former self in order to embrace your new self. He threw away all the hair loss treatments, concealers and everything that ever reminded him that he once had hair. We discussed Micropigmentation in Part IV, "Hair Restoration and the Long-Term (Platform) Approach". It doesn't matter how much hair you have (or don't have), Micropigmentation can give you the appearance (and a hair line) for your shaved head.
While some guys will immediately be happy and excited to expand on the new look, most guys will need about a year to get over the past and embrace the present.
It may also take several months to put the look together with tattoos, new clothing and lean mass if you aren't in great shape.
I don't mind using the concealers on the crown and mid-scalp zone but I never liked not having a decent hair line. Universally - "The Total Makeover" is worth considering whenever you are truly sick of taking the time, energy and money to manage your hair loss. If you do pull the plug on your hair loss prevention, you can still have significant sex appeal (or at least be above-average) if you resemble a wealthy "bad ass motherfucker" and not an egghead or a guy that fixes clogged toilets for people with nice hair. This includes topical spironolactone, saw palmetto, hair loss shampoos without Ketoconazole, "hair vitamins", apple cider vinegar and other natural treatments that do nothing for Male Pattern Baldness. If you have any questions, please inquire the Good Looking Loser Hair Loss Prevention Forum.
When a person gets a new ear piercing, they should only use sleeper earrings until their ears have healed.
Sleeper earrings are designed to be worn by people who have had their ears pierced for the first time.
Sleeper earrings, also frequently called starter earrings, are designed to be worn by people who have had their ears pierced for the first time. A person who has just had her ears pierced will likely be better off using only sleeper earrings until they have healed.
Many people with newly pierced ears, particularly small children, wear sleeper earrings in the form of smooth studs. Even though there may be some sleeper earrings available that are made of inexpensive metals, it may be best for a person to spend a little extra and buy either gold or silver. That's actually a good use for sleeper earrings and that's why I keep sterling silver hoop earrings on hand all the time.
Buying earrings made of gold is not a complete guarantee that they are going to be hyper-allergenic so bear this in mind when you are picking out your first set of earrings and monitor your ears for any unexpected swelling. It’s stylish and has many advantages over the earring, chiefly that there is no piercing involved. Not coincidentally, these are the same reasons that I loved my ear cuff when I had one in my twenties.
He's a good example of having strong sex appeal while not fitting the traditional "good looking" stereotype.

They are named as such because they must be worn around the clock, which includes during sleeping time.
It is not usually a good idea to continually remove and replace earrings from newly pierced ears, because this can increase the risk of infection and might also cause some discomfort or irritation. This choice might be best for children because a child might be less likely to play with the earring and attempt to pull it out. This is because the less expensive metals often contain nickel, which many people are allergic to. I only put in more fancy earrings when I'm going out, or want to dress up for another reason. Some people are allergic to gold, I think or it might have been the metal the gold was mixed with.
If you don't put in sleeper earrings and leave them free, you run the risk of the holes closing up, but you don't want them to be aggravated by the wrong kind of earring either. My son wanted to get his ears pierced and we were trying to figure out how to handle this request from a not quite 10 year old. He can put it on and take it off whenever he wants, just like the ring he wears on his finger.
The amount of time it may take for a person's ears to heal from piercing varies, but the same earrings should be kept in place until healing is complete.
Some sleeper earrings come in the form of hoops, which might be a good choice for an older person with a new ear piercing.
Even if a person has no known allergy to nickel, it can still develop over time, particularly if the earrings are worn non-stop. It might even have just been that the earrings had a chemical or a bacteria on them that hurt her ears.
Whenever I wanted to look a bit more bohemian, I’d slip on the cuff and let my flowing locks hang down. These earrings are additionally often made of hypoallergenic metals, such as sterling silver, gold, or surgical steel. These hoops may appear more stylish than simple studs, while serving the same purpose of being comfortable throughout all hours of the day. It's usually best to pick out sleeper earrings made from high-quality hypoallergenic materials because the earrings must be worn for extended periods of time. Hair can get caught in the earring and pull, or they can dig into the ear when you are sleeping and roll onto them.
Lots of people assume because earrings are new, they are safe, but you should absolutely disinfect any new earrings before you wear them. Once the ears have healed completely from the piercings, these earrings can typically be replaced by other types. The hoops might be a bad choice for a child because the chances are probably greater that a child would pull or tug on the hoop and inadvertently take it out.

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