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There are days when nothing will do but accessorizing with a sad slice of toast or a morbidly cute bunny.
Like all Pastel Clouds jewellery, this item will arrive to you packaged and gift-wrapped with love.
All pieces are produced using the lost wax method, in which the artist carves and sculpts the original design in wax and then casts the work in sterling silver.
Featuring large brilliant cut center stone bezel set in 9kt gold that rotates to reveal laser cut hearts revealing the color of the center stone with crystal accents.
The double engraved 925 Italian silver band butterfly opens to reveal either side of the setting. Inspired by the palace at Versailles and the decadence of Mary Antoniette the collection features rich romantic accents, exquisite Renassiance ornament and luscious gems.
Luminous clusters of huge stones from atomic tangerine, to rose pink and African violet are encased in rich golden hues.

This stunning ring features a huge African violet crystal balanced on the wings of two intricately detailed cherubs. Hard gold plated silver this ring is a sumptuous statement in an incredible violet and gold combo, fit for royalty. Handmade by the designer in Copenhagen Gold plated sterling silver The gold plating will come off in time. This beautifully hand engraved antique gold plated ring is meant to leave a stunning statement! Featuring a criss-cross texture, this faceted rectangle ring is large and will grab everyone's attention! Bita Pourtavoosi has been creating a name in handmade bridge jewelry for the past five years. Based in the heart of fashion in New York, Bita is constantly developing new ideas that set the scene for upcoming trends.

Growing up in a Persian-Middle Eastern family and community set the tone for her creative exploration through jewelry design. She has always been very stimulated and intrigued by Ancient Egyptian jewelry as well as Middle Eastern motifs.Her fresh and mischievous take on style blends glamour and class with an over the top artistic and creative influence, resulting in an exceptional point of view. Her collections have been featured in domestic and international magazines, worn by celebrities on hit T.V. A special edition from the Christmas capsule, this long ring is brilliantly designed with the illusion of a single half round band that twirls asymmetrically around the finger, spanning two segments and hinged at the centre for ease of movement.

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