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LaDonna Beardall comforts her husband Tim as he talks to the press about the explosion at Pacific States Cast Iron Pipe Co. Tim Beardall's ears are still ringing from "the big boom." His hands are wrapped with gauze, his face red after being critically burned Feb. While investigators are trying to determine what caused the explosion, Beardall is trying to figure out how he survived.
Paramedics treated several workers at the scene and 11 others were taken to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo.
A supervisor at the plant where he has worked for more than seven years, Beardall was filling in for another worker on the night of the explosion, he said. Once the gas filled the room, it exploded after being ignited by flames used in the production process, officials said. Before Beardall was taken to University Hospital with second-degree burns on his hands and face, he remembers asking a co-worker to call LaDonna and tell a lie about his condition. She is, Beardall said, the woman who has helped him through a painful recovery, the woman who sat by his bedside for three days as he writhed, lying in a medically induced coma.
Frightened by the tubes and the ventilator, Beardall's sons, ages 14 and 9, and a 7-year-old daughter, could not bring themselves to look at their father at first.
When her husband finally opened his eyes again, "It was a big weight off my chest," LaDonna Beardall said. He said the company has paid for his hospital bills, and taken care of food, gas and lodging for his wife and children as they stay in Salt Lake City. Utah County commissioners named Pacific States one of two businesses of the year earlier this month. He said he has no plans for a lawsuit and hopes to return to work as soon as he is physically able. A Highland couple is mourning the loss of their 11-year-old girl who was found hanging from a bunk bed.
Barwon Prison was where Melbourne gangland boss Carl Williams was bashed to death by Matthew Johnson in the high-security Acacia section of the prison in 2010.
Members of the Boise City Council are (back, L-R) council members TJ Thomson, Ben Quintana, Lauren McLean, Scot Ludwig (front, L-R) Council Pro Tem Elaine Clegg, Mayor David H. The Mayor works full-time, managing the day-to-day operations of the City and providing leadership and policy direction to the City Council. The Micron Emergency Response Team immediately evacuated approximately 200 people who work in the building. Injured: Four workers were nearby at the time of the explosion, two Micron employees and two electrical contractors.
No Chemical Hazard: Boise Fire Haz Mat experts were able to confirm there was no chemical hazard as a result of the explosion. He said: "We're on a Sunday, a quiet Sunday, after Christmas, after New Year's (Eve) is over. Pamela Salter, 62, whose flat overlooks the area, described how her building shook with the force of the explosion.
A comfort room was set up at the nearby Kings Head pub for those who could not get to their homes. Roads near the scene of the explosion were closed and drivers were warned to expect long delays and congestion.
Two cars in a car park next to the destroyed building were also badly damaged, a police spokesman said. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. A force spokesman said the arrested men were still in hospital this morning but their injuries are not described as life-threatening'My daughter said she actually saw a bloke running away from the scene in shorts.'It was like a bomb going off and has obliterated the front of the property.

Biology in Focus, HSC Course Glenda Childrawi, Margaret Robson and Stephanie Hollis Communication Topic 12: Processing Sound. Introduction In this section we are going to trace the path of a sound wave through the ear to the organ of Corti where it is processed.
The Path of Sound Sound is transmitted as a wave through air in the auditory canal to the outer layer of the tympanic membrane. The Path of Sound Vibrations from the tympanic membrane are conveyed through this air-filled chamber via the movement of the interconnecting ear ossicles to the oval window of the inner ear.
The Path of Sound The stapes vibrates the oval window setting up a pressure wave in the perilymph of the upper canal of the Cochlea. The Path of Sound The movement of Reissner’s membrane transfers the kinetic energy to the endolymph of the middle ear canal.
The Path of Sound The hair cells send messages along nerve fibres to the brain where they are interpreted. Energy Transformations As it passes into the perilymph, as a pressure wave, the mechanical energy is transferred via Reissner’s membrane to the endolymph to the organ of Corti. The Organ of Corti There is one row of inner hair cells and three rows of outer hair cells. The Organ of Corti The fibres of the cochlea nerve are coiled around the bases of the hair cells. The Organ of Corti Activation of the hair cells occurs at points of vigorous vibration of the basilar membrane. Sound Shadows The phenomenon caused by the obstruction or absorption of a sound wave by an object is its path is called a sonic or sound shadow. Sound Shadows The sonic shadow is the region which does not receive the direct sound as the head is blocking the vibration As humans are binaural (have two ears), the head creates a sonic shadow for the ear further away from the sound source. Sound Shadows Animals use the sonic shadow to determine the direction of the source of the sound. Sound Shadows Many humans will turn their head when trying to determine the source of a sound. Sound Shadows The effect has been shown to be less important than the split-second time difference in each if the two ears receiving the same sound. Hearing Aids The most avoidable of these causes is acoustic trauma or the chronic exposure to sound.
Hearing Aids Short term hearing loss is caused by fatigue of the hair cells of the cochlea.
Hearing Aids Continual exposure to excessive noise (over 85dB) causes damage to the cilia of the hair cells. Physiology of Hearing Sound Sound is a form of energy Sound is a form of energy It is transmitted through a medium as a longitudinal pressure wave It.
ANATOMY OF THE EAR How Sound Travels ? First, sound is collected by the pinna (the visible part of the outer ear) ? Then, it is directed into the outer.
Chapter 10: Perception of sound If a tree falls in the woods and there is no one around, does it make a sound? 9 Quick Review Colour vision concluded LGN Story Visual Cortex story Colour vision in Animals. Beardall and co-worker Gustavo Cervantes suffered the most serious injuries and were later flown to University Hospital.
Some of the chemical slipped out of the hopper and fell into a vat of water, creating a highly flammable gas. Fellow underworld boss Tony Mokbell is also held there, as is multiple murderer and rapist, Peter Dupas.
The explosion reportedly involved a piece of R&D equipment two floors below ground level in building 24d.

One suffered a minor cut to his arm, two are being evaluated for ringing in their ears, one inhaled dust following the explosion. I thought it was a car crash at first.'We've had police, ambulance and fire all here, there were flashing blue lights everywhere.
Sound energy is converted to mechanical (kinetic) as the vibration is set up in the tympanic membrane.
Mechanical energy is now converted to electrochemical energy as information is transmitted, as nerve impulses, from the hair cells by the auditory nerve to the brain. It is composed of supporting cells and about 15 500 hearing receptor cells called cochlea hair cells. The ‘hairs’ of the hair cells (cilia) protrude into the potassium (K+) rich endolymph and the longest of them are embedded in the overlying gel of the tectorial membrane. Hair cells nearest the oval window (base) are activated by the highest pitched sounds while those furthest away at the narrow end of the cochlea are stimulated by low frequency sounds. Standard volume music, transmitted directly vie earphones, reach 100dB and can cause permanent damage after only 15 minutes per day.
The difference in loudness and time of arrival of the sound at each ear can be interpreted by the brain to determine location. Turning the head increases the difference in time of arrival at each ear and increases the ability to determine location. Visually impaired people use the sonic shadow effect, together with echolocation and other cues for orientation. Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) may result from a one-time exposure to loud sound or from repeated exposure to sounds of various amplitudes over an extended period of time.
Why sound is a useful and versatile form of communication Sound is a form of energy that travels in waves.
Equilibrium and hearing are provided by a receptor complex called the inner ear - the receptors are called HAIR CELLS - the complex.
He said he has spoken with union leaders and corporate executives at Pacific States' parent company, McWane Inc. The six members of the City Council work part-time, holding budget and policy-setting authority for the city. It was terrifying' - above, a neighbour's garden with scattered debris from the explosion'I think one of the blokes lived upstairs and the other downstairs.
Unlike other cells of the body, there is a finite number and they are not replaced as they die.
Many everyday sounds may not be recognised as hazardous as they do not intrude our comfort zone. The effect will be greatest when the sound source, the absorbing object and the person hearing the sound are all aligned. The causes of hearing loss are generally grouped into such categories as heredity, diseases, accidents, prescription drugs, aging and acoustic trauma. It happens when delicate cells inside your ear that send sound messages to your brain are injured or over-stimulated. City Council members are elected to a specific Council seat, but the seats are not determined geographically. The employer of two of the contract employees requested they be transported to a nearby hospital for evaluation as a further precaution.

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