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Our research group focuses on the investigation of the active process in the mammalian inner ear and the functional replacement of the pathophysiologically damaged inner ear through novel mechanisms of stimulation such as optoacoustics and newly developed microconverters. Optoacoustic stimulation in the cochlea describes the stimulation due to irradiation with laser light which could lead to a higher frequency resolution compared with electrical cochlear implants, promising an improved hearing performance for patients suffering from sensorineural hearing loss. Furthermore we study the effects of electrode-nerve interactions, drug releasing cochlear implant coatings and the consequences of microstructured implant surfaces on the interaction with cell populations in order to improve future implants.
Clara Fonseca Lacerda1, Luciana Oliveira e Silva2, Roberto Sergio de Tavares Canto3, Nadia Carla Cheik4. Introducao: O processo de envelhecimento provoca modificacoes estruturais e funcionais a saude, comprometendo o controle postural e processamento central. Introduction: The aging process provokes structural modifications and functional to it greets, compromising the postural control and central processing. INTRODUCAONo idoso, a perda auditiva, e uma das tres condicoes cronicas mais prevalentes, ficando atras somente da artrite e da hipertensao (1,2).
INTRODUCTIONIn the aged one, the auditory loss, is one of the three more prevalent chronic conditions, being behind only of the arthritis and the hypertension (1,2). It is estimated that hearing loss affects more than half of adults living in the UK aged 60 and over.Hearing loss can have a detrimental impact on your quality of life, emotional and physical well-being, and can even lead to psychological and social problems. Since hearing loss usually develops gradually over time it can be many years before people become aware of it. If hearing loss has gone unnoticed or left untreated for too long it can possibly lead to 'auditory deprivation'. Outer EarSounds are collected by the external part of the ear (pinna) and travel through the ear canal (external auditory meatus). Foreign bodies – any object that appears in the ear canal that should not be there is referred to as a foreign body.
Otitis externa – this is an inflammation of the outer ear skin due to an infection or an eczema type problem. Exotosis – also known as 'surfer's ear', this is an abnormal growth(s) or lump(s) of the bony portion of the ear canal (near to the eardrum) that can cause it to constrict and narrow. Stenosis – a gradual narrowing of the external auditory meatus usually as a result of repetitive (chronic) ear canal infections. Cholesteotoma – this is a rare condition caused through the collection of dead skin cells inside your ear. Ossicular discontinuity – this is a disconnection (disarticulation) of the three middle ear bones meaning they are loosely or no longer connected together. Eustachian tube dysfunction – the Eustachian tube is a narrow passage connecting the back of the nose to the air-filled middle ear. Middle ear effusion (MEE) – this is a build-up of fluid in the middle ear which normally occurs secondary to Eustachian tube dysfunction because fluid can no longer drain away. Inner EarThe vibrations transmitted through the middle ear lead to the movement of fluid that fills the organ of hearing (cochlea).
Presbyacusis - this is age-related hearing loss that gradually and progressively deteriorates due to the ageing process. You will receive an email whenever this article is corrected, updated, or cited in the literature.
PurposeThe purposes were (a) to compare masking of consonant bursts by adjacent vowels for listeners with and without hearing loss and (b) to determine the extent to which the temporal intraspeech masking can be reduced by a simulated hearing-aid frequency-response shaping.MethodFourteen adults with sensorineural hearing loss and 10 with normal hearing participated.
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Vice President of Audiology and Professional Relations, OticonDon Schum currently serves as Vice President for Audiology & Professional Relations for Oticon, Inc. When viewed within the broader context of life change, it is not surprising that so many older adults resist the idea of using hearing aids.
To best understand what can be done to compensate for sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL), it is essential to relate treatment approaches to the underlying change in signal encoding. This course discusses the relationship between expected outcome and satisfaction with the hearing aid process. To investigate these effects we are using various laser systems as well as different methods, for example the patch clamp technique and laser doppler vibrometry and cooperate with several international partners in the EU project ACTION.
Employed methods include cell culture, histology, multielectrode array measurements and confocal laser scanning microscopy. Effects of hearing aids in the balance, quality of life and fear to fall in elderly people with sensorineural hearing loss. Estudos tem abordado a necessidade de identificar os fatores de risco prejudiciais a saude auditiva e seguranca em idosos acometidos por deficits auditivos e com alteracoes de equilibrio. Studies have boarded the necessity to identify to the harmful factors of risk to aged the auditory health and security in stricken aged by auditory deficits and with alterations of balance. Segundo a (3), aproximadamente 90% das pessoas com idade superior a 80 anos apresentam perda auditiva. According to (3), approximately 90% of the people with superior age the 80 years present auditory loss.When it occurs in function of the aging process it is known as presbycusis and it generates one of the crippling riots of the communication, hindering the aged ones to play in the society, because it not only provokes the sensorial privation to hear, as the difficulty of understanding of speaks of that they surround it making it difficult the full communication (1,4,5,6). More specifically, hearing loss can impair individuals' ability to hear loved ones, reduce clarity when listening to the TV and radio, create moments of uncertainty and indecision when following conversation in group situations and background noise, and pose challenges when trying to judge the distance and direction of sounds such as oncoming traffic when crossing the road. The gradual nature of hearing loss can also make some people inclined to believe that others are 'mumbling' and no longer speaking clearly, rather than it being due to them developing and suffering from hearing loss. Auditory deprivation is when your ears and brain are starved of detecting and hearing sounds for a prolonged period of time whereby they begin to lose their abilities to function effectively.
The type of hearing loss you have depends upon which region of the hearing pathway is affected.
It serves to lubricate the ear canal preventing it from drying out, reduce the likelihood of fungi and bacterial infections by creating a slightly acidic environment within the ear, capture dead skin cells (keratin) and small foreign bodies (e.g. Examples of foreign bodies are cotton wool, insects and small toys such as marbles (usually placed into the ear canal by children themselves!). It is caused usually through regular exposure to cold winds and water, hence why it is most prevalent amongst surfer’s.
Usually dead skin cells migrate out of the ear but sometimes they can collect inside the ear canal, especially if you have stenosis or an inwards buckled (retracted) eardrum. Its function is to equalise the air pressure in the middle ear to the air pressure in the atmosphere (i.e.
Over time, the build-up of fluid becomes thick and sticky (viscous) leading to the middle ear becoming infected.
As a result, tiny hair cells in the cochlea begin to ‘sway’ generating electrical impulses that travel up the hearing nerve to the brain. First and foremost, it affects the higher frequencies leading to difficulties hearing speech clearly especially in the presence of background noise. Examples of ototoxic drugs are chemotherapy drugs (cisplatin), antibiotics drugs ending in either –micin or –mycin (e.g.
It is believed to be as a direct result of excess inner ear fluid (endolymph) either through over-production (hyperactive endolymphatic sac) or an inability for it to drain out of the inner ear (blocked endolymphatic duct). It is a benign tumour that usually develops on the balance nerve that intertwines with the hearing nerve to form the VIII nerve. Mackersie, School of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, San Diego State University, 5500 Companile Drive, MC-1518, San Diego, CA 92182-1518.
Seven of the participants with hearing loss had flat or gradually sloping audiograms, and 7 had steeply sloping losses.
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Si ces etablissement mythiques de la ville n'ont pas forcement besoin de nous pour se faire leur reputation, deja bien solide avec les annees, d'autres adresses nouvelles nees, ou plus confidentielles disons, meritent en revanche un petit coup de pouce. Previous to his position at Oticon in Somerset, Don served as the Director of Audiology for the main Oticon office in Copenhagen Denmark. This seminar examines techniques developed by related professions in encouraging the older patient to be willing to make a health care change.
In this seminar, we will examine what we know about how patients become aware of the presence of hearing loss and how they react to this new reality in their life. Given the inherent limitations imposed by sensorineural hearing loss, there will be limits to how well a newly fit patient will be able to perform with amplification.
Objetivo: Avaliar o efeito da protese auditiva na qualidade de vida, no equilibrio e no medo de queda em idosos com perda auditiva bilateral. Objective: To evaluate the effect of auditory prosthesis in the quality of life, the balance and the fear of fall in aged with bilateral auditory loss. Quando ocorre em funcao do processo de envelhecimento e conhecida como presbiacusia e gera um dos mais incapacitantes disturbios da comunicacao, impedindo os idosos desempenharem a sociedade, porque nao so provoca a privacao sensorial de ouvir, como a dificuldade de compreensao da fala daqueles que o cercam dificultando a plena comunicacao (1,4,5,6).
Besides, it causes a series of social problems, amongst them: the removal of the social and familiar activities, low self-worth, isolation, solitude, depression and irritability (1,7,8).
If left untreated, the cholesteotoma can develop and begin to erode the middle and inner ear structures. This is because the nerve fibers that code for high frequency sounds are situated near the entrance (apex) of the organ of hearing (cochlea) meaning they are more susceptible to general wear and tear over the years.
Excess endolymph causes a swelling in the inner ear which can lead to vertigo, tinnitus, feeling of pressure and hearing loss. The tumour can grow and compress against the hearing nerve affecting the electrical signals created by the swaying of hair cells being transmitted to the brain. Sensorineural hearing loss is any hearing loss that involves the nerves – the cochlea and the hearing (auditory) nerve and the brain itself. In addition, he served as the Director of the Hearing Aid Lab at the University of Iowa, School of Medicine (1990-1995) and as an Assistant professor at the Medical University of South Carolina (1988-1990). However, satisfaction with the process can still be high, especially if the focus is placed on the professional care provided by the audiologist.
Metodo: Estudo clinico e experimental realizado com 56 idosos com perda auditiva neurossensorial, submetidos ao uso da protese auditiva de amplificacao sonora individual (AASI).
Method: Carried through clinical and experimental study with 56 aged ones with sensorineural auditory loss, submitted to the use of auditory prosthesis of individual sonorous amplification (AASI). Alem disso, acarreta uma serie de problemas sociais, dentre eles: o afastamento das atividades sociais e familiares, baixa auto-estima, isolamento, solidao, depressao e irritabilidade (1,7,8).
For most people, ear wax naturally migrates out of the ear and so there is no need to clean the ears. If vibrations are not transmitted through the middle ear it can again cause a conductive hearing loss.
This is because the eardrum is at its most mobile and efficient when the air pressure is equalised on either side. It is usually accompanied by tinnitus and causes high frequency hearing loss since the nerve fibers that code for high frequency sounds are more exposed.
Temporal Intraspeech Masking of Plosive Bursts: Effects of Hearing Loss and Frequency Shaping. Os idosos responderam aos questionarios de qualidade de vida Short Form Health Survery (SF-36), Falls Efficacy Scale- Internacional (FES-I) e o teste de Berg Balance Scale (BBS). The aged ones had answered to the questionnaires of quality of life Short Form Health Survey (SF-36), Falls Efficacy International Scale- (FES-I) and the test of Berg Balance Scale (BBS). The complications lead the causes of deaths in people above of 65 years and promote physical, psychological, and social deficiency, being able to take the individual the dependence, reduction of the daily activities and the confidence, alteration of the life style (13) generating negative consequences in relation to the quality of life (14).As the life expectancy is increasing, it is important to adopt measured in which they minimize the damages caused for it a time that the surgical and medicinal indications are rare, taking advantage the use of adaptations of device of individual sonorous amplification (AASI).
However, ear wax can get impacted and trapped in those people who use cotton buds or have narrow ear canals. Listeners with hearing loss were tested using unfiltered stimuli and stimuli filtered to approximate a hearing aid frequency response prescribed by NAL-R. Schum has been an active researcher in the areas of Hearing Aids, Speech Understanding, and Outcome Measures. After 4 months, the aged ones that they adapted to the use of the AASI had been reevaluated.
The use allows the rescue of the perception of the sounds of speaks, beyond the ambient sounds, promoting the improvement of the communication ability (15).The increase of the social visibility of the segment of people older than 60 years, in Brazil, was one of the factors that had instigated the mobilization of governmental bodies and not governmental for the attendance of the new demands appeared in the scope of the health, the assistance and the social security (16). Normally, the Eustachian tube is closed and it only opens during moments of yawning, swallowing and chewing. All listeners were tested under earphones at the most comfortable level for the vowel stimulus. O uso permite o resgate da percepcao dos sons da fala, alem dos sons ambientais, promovendo a melhora da habilidade de comunicacao (15). However, if the Eustachian tube becomes blocked and does not open when it should, air in the middle ear gets absorbed to create a 'vacuum' and negative middle ear pressure.
Foi observado que o sexo masculino teve maior dificuldade em adaptar ao aparelho auditivo e que as variaveis idade, grau de perda, presenca de zumbido e vertigem nao interferiram na adaptacao a protese auditiva.
It was observed that the masculine sex had greater difficulty in adapting to the auditory device and that the variable age, degree of loss, presence of humming and vertigo had not intervened with the adaptation to auditory prosthesis. O aumento da visibilidade social do segmento de pessoas com mais de 60 anos, no Brasil, foi um dos fatores que instigaram a mobilizacao de orgaos governamentais e nao governamentais para o atendimento das novas demandas surgidas no ambito da saude, da assistencia e da seguridade social (16). 587 had distribution of the state net for action in the basic attention, the average and high complexity (BRAZIL, Health department, 2004). Houve melhora da qualidade de vida nos dominios Estado da Saude Geral (EGS) e Capacidade Funcional (CF) e do zumbido, assim como o aumento da auto-confianca apos adaptacao da protese auditiva. It had improvement of the quality of life in the dominance of the State General Health (EGS) and Functional Capacity (CF) and of the humming, as well as the increase of the auto-confidence after adaptation of auditory prosthesis. On average, frequency shaping significantly reduced the amount of intraspeech masking for listeners with steeply sloping hearing losses. Conclusao: O uso de protese auditiva propiciou a melhora dos dominios da qualidade de vida, o que refletiu em uma melhor auto-confianca e consequentemente a longo prazo na reducao do medo de queda em idosos com perda auditiva neurossensorial. Conclusion: The use of auditory prosthesis provided the improvement of the domains of the quality of life, what it reflected consequently in one better auto-confidence and in the long run in the reduction of the fear of fall in aged with sensorineural auditory loss.
587 houve distribuicao da rede estadual para acoes na atencao basica, na media e alta complexidade (BRASIL, Ministerio da Saude, 2004). Todos os procedimentos foram explicados como tambem descritos detalhadamente no termo de consentimento, que foi assinado pelos voluntarios, e a partir de entao, iniciou-se a coleta de dados.
After 4 months, the volunteers who have adapted to the AASI, had returned for reevaluation, they had remade the balance test, and had answered beyond the questionnaires cited to the Satisfaction with Amplification in Daily Life (SADL) (21). A amostra foi constituida por 56 individuos (32 do sexo masculino) entre 60 e 84 anos, portadores de perda auditiva neurossensorial bilateral, selecionados a partir dos prontuarios do Servico de Atencao a Saude Auditiva (SASA). Os prontuarios foram constituidos por avaliacao do otorrinolaringologista, avaliacao audiologica, fonoaudiologica, entrevista com assistente social e psicologo.
Apos 4 meses, os voluntarios que adaptaram ao AASI, retornaram para reavaliacao, refizeram o teste de equilibrio, e responderam alem dos questionarios citados ao Satisfaction with Amplification in Daily Life (SADL) (21).
How much to questionnaire SADL, in the referring item self-confidence, 100% of the volunteers had told to improvement of this variable after adaptation, being that 90% had answered much improvement of the self-confidence. In Table 7 it is observed that the aged ones that if they did not adapt they present greater functional capacity that the aged ones of the suitable group.
A Tabela 2 apresenta as caracteristicas antro¬po¬me¬tricas, idade e escore das escalas FES-I e BBS dos voluntarios. However, in the reevaluation of the suitable group (FROG), a significant improvement when comparing with the evaluation was verified.
It is verified that in the suitable group it had positive correlation between the BBS and the domains CF, PAIN, EGS and a negative correlation between the FES-I and the domains CF and PAIN.After the adaptation of the AASI, notices positive correlation between the BBS and domains CF and EGS, as well as, between age AE and. Na Tabela 4, nota-se uma distribuicao homogenea das variaveis antropometricas e idade entre os grupos. Quanto a adaptacao ao AASI, nota-se que o sexo masculino teve maior dificuldade em adaptar ao aparelho auditivo e que o grau de perda auditiva, queixas de zumbido e vertigem, sao variaveis que nao influenciaram na adaptacao do AASI (Tabela 5).

Como apontado na Tabela 6, em relacao a queixa de zumbido, apenas 4 dos 20 voluntarios nao referiram beneficios com o uso da protese auditiva nesta variavel.
Similar results had been found by (22) that when evaluating physically active the aged FES-I of aged of the community and found one medium score of 24,9 and 27,5 respectively. Quanto ao questionario SADL, no item referente a autoconfianca, 100% dos voluntarios relataram melhora desta variavel apos adaptacao, sendo que 90% responderam muita melhora da autoconfianca.Na Tabela 7 observa-se que os idosos que nao se adaptaram apresentam maior capacidade funcional que os idosos do grupo adaptado.
Entretanto, na reavaliacao do grupo adaptado (RA), verificou-se uma melhora significativa ao comparar com a avaliacao.
Probably, this is related to the good balance that the aged ones had presented what it diminishes the fear of fall.In general, the averages of the scores of the domains of the SF-36 had been above of 50% demonstrating that the volunteers have good quality of life.
Second (23) in the SF-36 one props up high in the domain physical aspect and functional capacity can indicate that the aged ones possess little limitation to the work and in activities of daily life, presents good health and functional ability.We know that the concept of quality of life (QV) is very ample, subjective, dependent of the socio-cultural level, the personal ambitions of the individuals and not only of the structure attack (24).
Verifica-se que no grupo adaptado houve correlacao positiva entre a BBS e os dominios CF, DOR, EGS e AS e uma correlacao negativa entre a FES-I e os dominios CF e DOR. This can be observed in the present study, therefore, nor always a structure attack, as the auditory loss intervenes directly with the quality of life of the volunteers, being the QV a product of some factors.All the volunteers of the sample had putted prosthesis.
Apos a adaptacao do AASI, nota-se correlacao positiva entre a BBS e os dominios CF e EGS, bem como, entre idade AE e AS.
In the suitable volunteers it had reevaluation of the variable: quality of life, balance and fear of fall. This stated period was established in virtue of studies to demonstrate that 90 days are enough for a good adaptation and acclimatization of the AASI (25). Observarmos maior prevalencia de perda auditiva em homens (57%) corroborando com outros estudos (7-8).
How much to the factors related to the adaptation to the AASI, our findings are in accordance with study previously carried through that demonstrated that presence of humming and vertigo do not influence in the adaptation to the AASI (26). Resultados similares foram encontrados por (22) que ao avaliar a FES-I de idosos da comunidade e idosos fisicamente ativos encontrou um escore medio de 24,9 e 27,5 respectivamente.
The practical clinic has demonstrated that carrying individuals of auditory loss associated the humming benefit themselves with the use of auditory prosthesis, therefore these, beyond improving the understanding of the conversation, alleviates the humming, (29), had demonstrated that the use of prosthesis auditory improved the humming in 78,2% of the individuals and our sample 79% of the suitable volunteers if they had benefited with reduction of the humming.In accordance with (6) the auditory use of prosthesis benefits to the daily activities and the functionality in carrying individuals of sensorineural auditory loss. Provavelmente, isto esta relacionado ao bom equilibrio que os idosos apresentaram o que diminui o medo de queda.Em geral, as medias dos escores dos dominios do SF-36 foram acima de 50% demonstrando que os voluntarios tem boa qualidade de vida. This corroborates with our findings, therefore we find significant improvement of the functional capacity (CF) and of the general state of health (EGS).
Segundo (23) no SF-36 um escore elevado no dominio aspecto fisico e capacidade funcional pode indicar que os idosos possuem pouca limitacao ao trabalho e em atividades de vida diaria, apresentam boa saude e habilidade funcional.Sabe-se que o conceito de qualidade de vida (QV) e muito amplo, subjetivo, dependente do nivel socio-cultural, das ambicoes pessoais dos individuos e nao somente da estrutura acometida (24). Probably due to adaptation to the AASI, improvement of the hearing, the ability of communication occurred and security feeling, which had also influenced the increase of EGS and CF, and consequently improves of the quality of life (7).Having as endorsement the findings of (30) we believe that the increase of the EGS resulted consequently in the increase in the daily activities of life and of the CF what it reflected in reduction of the fear of fall of the volunteers.
Isto pode ser observado no presente estudo, pois, nem sempre uma estrutura acometida, como a perda auditiva interfere diretamente na qualidade de vida dos voluntarios, sendo a QV um produto de varios fatores.
Nos voluntarios adaptados houve reavaliacao das variaveis: qualidade de vida, equilibrio e medo de queda. However after adaptation to the AASI, had improvement of the quality of life (EGS and CF), reduction of the fear of fall and the humming and increase of the auto-confidence after adaptation to the AASI. Este prazo foi estabelecido em virtude de estudos demonstrarem que 90 dias sao suficientes para uma boa adaptacao e aclimatizacao do AASI (25). Valley to point out despite 50% of the volunteers if only adapted and that the masculine sex had greater difficulty in adapting to the auditory device and that the variable age, degree of loss, presence of humming and vertigo, they had not been factors that had intervened with the adaptation to the AASI.From this study we can infer that so important the AASI is for the aged one, how much the direct benefit of it in the physiotherapist intervention is.
Quanto aos fatores relacionados a adaptacao ao AASI, nossos achados estao de acordo com estudo previamente realizado que demonstrou que presenca de zumbido e vertigem nao influenciam na adaptacao ao AASI (26). The well adapted patient will have greater communication capacity, increase of the self-confident, greater attention and understanding of the information that are important factors in a preventive and rehabilitative interaction. Valley to point out that the development of new studies that they aim at to elucidate the factors associates to the adhesion to the AASI would be of great interest therefore would prevent unnecessary expenses of the public health.BIBLIOGRAPHIC REFERENCES1. Uma das principais queixas dos idosos com presbiacusia e a presenca do zumbido que frequentemente e um fator de grande repercussao negativa na vida do individuo, comprometendo a qualidade de vida, dificultando o sono, a concentracao nas atividades diarias e profissionais, assim como a vida social (27). A pratica clinica tem demonstrado que individuos portadores de perda auditiva associada a zumbido beneficiam-se com o uso de proteses auditivas, pois estas, alem de melhorarem a compreensao da conversacao, aliviam o zumbido, (29), demonstraram que o uso da protese auditiva melhorou o zumbido em 78,2% dos individuos e em nossa amostra 79% dos voluntarios adaptados se beneficiaram com reducao do zumbido. De acordo com (6) o uso de protese auditiva beneficia as atividades cotidianas e a funcionalidade em individuos portadores de perda auditiva neurossensorial. Isto corrobora com nossos achados, pois encontramos melhora significativa da capacidade funcional (CF) e do estado geral de saude (EGS). Provavelmente devido a adaptacao ao AASI, ocorreu melhora da audicao, da habilidade de comunicacao e sentimento de seguranca, que tambem influenciaram o aumento do EGS e CF, e consequentemente melhora da qualidade de vida (7).Tendo como respaldo os achados de (30) acreditamos que o aumento do EGS resultou em aumento nas atividades de vida diarias e consequentemente da CF o que refletiu em reducao do medo de queda dos voluntarios. Outro fator associado a esta reducao possivelmente foi o aumento da confianca e seguranca relatados pelos voluntarios a partir dos resultados positivos do questionario SADL. A efetividade do treinamento auditivo formal em idosos usuarios e proteses auditivas no periodo e aclimatizacao. Entretanto apos adaptacao ao AASI, houve melhora da qualidade de vida (EGS e CF), reducao do medo de queda e do zumbido e aumento da auto-confianca apos adaptacao ao AASI. Vale salientar ainda que somente 50% dos voluntarios se adaptaram e que o sexo masculino teve maior dificuldade em adaptar ao aparelho auditivo e que as variaveis idade, grau de perda, presenca de zumbido e vertigem, nao foram fatores que interferiram na adaptacao ao AASI. A partir deste estudo podemos inferir que tao importante o AASI e para o idoso, quanto e o beneficio direto dele na intervencao fisioterapica. O paciente bem adaptado tera maior capacidade de comunicacao, aumento da autoconfianca, maior atencao e compreensao das informacoes que sao fatores importantes em uma interacao preventiva e reabilitativa. Upward spread of masking, hearing loss, and speech recognition in young and elderly listeners, 87(3), 1266-1271.Plomp, R.
Vale salientar que o desenvolvimento de novos estudos que visem elucidar os fatores associados a adesao ao AASI seria de grande interesse, pois evitaria gastos desnecessarios da saude publica.REFERENCIAS BIBLIOGRAFICAS1. Nivel de Satisfacao dos Idosos usuarios de proteses auditivas doadas pela APAC_NAMI_UNIFOR. Proteses auditivas: um estudo sobre seu beneficio na qualidade de vida de individuos portadores de perda auditiva neurossensorial. Hearing health and care: The need for improved hearing loss prevention and hearing conservation practices - Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development.
Sintomatologia depressiva em deficientes auditivos adultos e idosos: importancia do uso de proteses auditivas. Avaliacao do grau de satisfacao entre os usuarios de amplificacao de tecnologia analogica e digital.
Credencia a Unidade de Servico de Atencao a Saude Auditiva, Associacao de Pais e Amigos dos Excepcionais - APAE, do municipio de Patos de Minas.
Influencia da atividade fisica na qualidade de vida e no escore de ansiedade e depressao em idosos nao-institucionalizados. Psychologic profile of tinnitus patients using the SCL-90-R and tinnitus handicap inventory. A eficacia da adaptacao de protese auditiva na reducao ou eliminacao do zumbido Rev Bras Otorrinolaringol. Prevalence and correlates of fear of falling, and associated avoidance of activity in the general population of community-living older people. Physiotherapist of the Municipal City Hall of Patos de Minas.2) Master in Physiotherapy for the University Center of Triangle (UNITRI).
Professor.3) Post-Doctorate for the University of Liverpool, England (1984) Performance in Surgery, with emphasis in Traumatic Surgery Doctor.
Professor of the University Centre of Triangulo, Brazil.4) Doctorate in Physiological Sciences for the Federal University of Sao Carlos, Brazil (2005). Fisioterapeuta da Prefeitura Municipal de Patos de Minas.2) Mestre em Fisioterapia pelo Centro Universitario do Triangulo (UNITRI).
Docente.3) Pos-Doutorado pela Universidade de Liverpool, Inglaterra (1984) Atuacao em Cirurgia, com enfase em Cirurgia Traumatologica Doutor.
Docente do Centro Universitario do Triangulo, Brasil.4) Doutorado em Ciencias Fisiologicas pela Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos, Brasil (2005).

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