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Author: admin, 26.07.2015
Beyonce made President Obama’s inauguration day crowd green with envy with her 80 carat emerald earrings.
Beyonce performed a stunning rendition of The Star Spangled Banner, obviously an important moment in any inauguration. The emeralds in Beyonce’s earrings were unmistakably Colombian emeralds and are reportedly valued at 1.8 million dollars.
If you watched President Obama’s Inauguration coverage on January 21st, 2013 and you saw Beyonce perform and of course, you noticed the beautiful (and huge) 80 carat emerald earrings she wore, created by designer Lorraine Schwartz.
It’s well documented that her and husband Jay-Z are close friends of President and Michelle Obama and it’s obvious the president enjoyed the performance. This emerald earring design appears to be 5 or 6 pear shaped emeralds arranged in a leaf or flower pattern.

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The emeralds appear to be of excellent quality but of course you will pay handsomely to wear the name of someone like Lorraine Schwartz. We never tire of how stunning these emerald earrings look and the sheer elegance they bring to her look. So strikingly beautiful were her earrings that they simply stole the show from President Obama himself . If the total set weighs 80 carats as is reported, and our calculations are correct, each stone would weigh 8 to 13 carats or more each.
We’re still waiting for our opportunity to recreate such a piece, but it absolutely can be done.

She also reportedly wore a matching 50 carat emerald ring but it does not appear in pictures during the performance. We estimate we could put them together for a fraction of the cost, but to find 10 or more stone of this size and quality would obviously take some time. In other pictures she can be seen wearing it, but this ring is so huge that you can understand why she might want to take it off.

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