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Author: admin, 28.01.2015
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The website continued to crash over the visitor overload all morning while eager shoppers in Seoul queued up in front of H&M stores over a week before the official collection launch. The hype surrounding this collaboration has certainly caught on to the masses and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the collection is now selling for vastly inflated prices on eBay where some pieces are priced at twice their retail value.
No word from H&M yet whether they are going to restock the highly successful collection. One of my favorite pieces from the Balmain x H&M collaboration is this gold and white embroidered black velvet mini dress. There are no other words that you can use to describe these earrings that would do them justice.
These earrings are fun to wear on a night out with the girls and would give an excellent splash of color to your ensemble.

Plus, unlike the real deal, this dress is readily available for you to buy with all sizes still in stock and all. Steal – Christian Louboutin Burlina T-Strap Peep-toe Platform PumpsLooking for something?
I am majorly in love and officially obsessed wit these, but not so much with the price tag. The design is astonishingly similar and I think I even prefer the lace of these over the lace on the original Dolce & Gabbana heels. This Burberry Icon Check Cashmere Scarf maintains a signature style with super soft cashmere, check print, and delicate fringe. It evenly parallels with the classical Burberry plaid print and coincides with the latest trends this season.
Rousseau Juda Open Toe Lace Bootiesby Irina on November 10, 2015Update: This post has been updated on November 10, 2015.

Scroll down to see the new add.So can we all agree that these seductive peep-toe lace booties by Jerome C. The lace on these isn’t quite as delicate as on the real deal, but the overall look is still pretty similar. It’s available in various colors and is currently on sale for a budget-friendly $39.99!

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