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Contraindications to irrigation include the presence or history of a perforated tympanic membrane, previous pain on irrigation, or previous surgery to the middle ear. Exceptional caution has to be used when clearing cerumen in patients who have undergone mastoidectomy, during which sensitive anatomical structures like the facial nerve and semicircular canals were exposed. The Instrapac Blunt Wax Hook is ideal for earwax removal during ear irrigation and other ENT procedures. Instrapac single use instruments are designed to carry out surgical procedures, and are sterilised utilising the manufacturers on site steam sterilising unit.

Steam is able to penetrate all parts of the instrument surfaces including lumens and box joints. If you already know your item #'s simply enter them below along with the quantity desired and add them to your cart for a speedy check-out.
This 2 oz bulb syringe provides suction to remove liquid and small particles from the ears, nose or throat, and clear out most obstructions.
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