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Created by United Kingdom-based designer Stuart Hughes, the ?10 million (about $15.3 million) iPhone is coated in solid gold and features both black and white diamonds.
Hughes, who is known for crafting incredibly pricey luxury tech products, created the design at the behest of a Chinese businessman.
On his website, Hughes details the features of the black diamond iPhone 5, which includes an inlay of 600 white diamonds, a solid gold Apple logo surrounded by 53 white diamonds, 135 grams of 24-carat gold and sapphire glass for the screen. Previously, Hughes created an iPhone 4S Elite Gold phone priced at ?6 million (about $9.18 million) that once held the title of world's most expensive phone. Expensive, high-end smartphones or smartphone cases are nothing new - Vertu's got a $9,600 Android phone and London Loutus made a $300,000-plus iPhone case with crystals. The English designer and jeweler has made gold Apple products before - his Solid Gold iPhone costs $33,678 ( A?21,995) and the iPad Supreme Fire Edition costs $168,424 (A?109,995) - but with this one, "it's all about the rarity and value of the deep-cut, black diamond," he told ABC News. The phone isn't available to the general public - not that most of the world's population could afford it. However, Hughes isn't worried that the world's most expensive smartphone might soon become outdated when Apple puts out a new iPhone (possibly this summer).
Carbonado came from the word "Carbo", which means “denoting coal.” This is how this natural mineral was called in the XVIII century for it’s resemblance with conventional coal. Conventional diamonds are found on almost all continents, with the geological conditions for their development is almost the same everywhere. There are black diamonds are of artificial origin; they are synthesized in industrial scales under pressure 6-12 HPa. Even though very rare specimens with some transparency that can reflect and refract the light that is reflected. In conclusion, black diamonds found in nature are extremely rare, and their cost is extremely high. Stuart Hughes, known for crafting luxury Apple devices covered in precious metals and encrusted with rare stones, has created the most expensive iPhone 5 – embedded with a rare black diamond. Apparently, it took nine weeks to re-create the chassis of the iPhone 5 in solid gold, and the complete handset has been finished by hand.
Cell phones are just one of the greatest innovations brought to us by modern technology these days. This costly mobile phone is worth 1.3 million US Dollars which is designed by Peter Aloisson. This most expensive mobile phone is worth 3.2 million US Dollars which is designed by Stuart Hughes in England.
According to CNN, Hughes said the businessman owned a rare 26-carat black diamond that had been passed down from one generation of his family to the next and wanted to include it in the iPhone design.
But Stuart Hughes, a longtime designer of aftermarket electronics, has topped them all with a $15 million iPhone 5, believed to be the most expensive smartphone ever made.
There are 600 white, flawless diamonds located within the Apple logo on the back and on the edges. Hughes spent nine weeks creating the phone specifically for a Hong Kong businessman whom Hughes will only refer to as "Joe." Joe had owned the black diamond for awhile and decided he wanted to place it on an iPhone after buying other, "cheaper" items from Hughes in the past.

You can download and obtain the expensive black diamond engagement rings #3 images by click the download button below to get multiple high-resversions. According to the observations of scientists from 1900, total diamond production at all the most known deposits in the world amounted to about 600 tons. There is an assumption that black diamonds were formed in the supernova explosion of a planet.
In the study of black diamonds using infrared synchrotron at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York as part of diamonds was discovered hydrogen, which is extremely rich in interstellar space. In 1993, black diamond was discovered on the Eastern slopes of Avachinsky volcano in Kamchatka.
However, such black diamonds are extremely expensive and are not available for people with low incomes. So if you would like to buy a ring, earring and bracelet with a black diamond at an attractive price, say for $2000.00, you are trying to by sold at the best, the diamond that was created artificially, or in the worst case it will be fake, which in reality does not cost anything.
News has it that a Chinese businessman, the owner of the black diamond, contacted Stuart Hughes about his gold iPhones, and commissioned the handset. The single, flawless, deep cut black diamond weighs in at 26 cts and aptly replaces the home button of the smartphone. A great example of a successful smartphone is made by Apple and is famously called the iPhone.
This mobile phone is bound to have 62,144 thousand colour themes TFT display, azure coated glass (which is certainly abrasion-repellent), 120 Megabytes memory space, 2 mega-pixel camera, video streaming solutions, html web browsing, EDGE, E-mail and Bluetooth characteristics. This mobile phone is produced of 24 carat gold and features TFT (208 by 208) display, 0.5 MP SVGA camera, Infrared, Java, EDGE, Bluetooth, USB, SMS, WAP are the connectivity options in this cell phone.
This mobile device is embellished with 1,200 real diamonds plus its keypad is manufactured by using 18 carat gold.
Vertu Diamond features porcelain ceramic casing plated with 18-karat gold partially tiled by using Swarovski crystals. This mobile phone is called as Princess given that it seems to have princess designed diamond cut which dotted everywhere on the housing.
The Smartphone’s body is manufactured out of titan as well as polycarbonate and comes with a ground breaking mirror which wraps up cladding, embellished with real diamonds. This device is bedecked with 22 carat gold and likely 136 diamonds which value of about 68 carat. These minerals are fine-grained, with porous aggregates of black, and are of grey and green colors. However in Australia, Siberia, China and India, and on all other deposits not a single black diamond was found. Researchers from Florida International University and Case Western Reserve in Cleveland have revealed the samples of black diamonds, which are extremely rare compounds of titanium and nitrogen. A very high probability exists that black diamonds arise from diamond dust, which was formed as a result of a supernova explosion billions of years ago.
Black diamond was found in rare volcanic rock called abacetini, the outputs of which on the surface are known in Kozel'sky volcanoes.

In order not to make a mistake when choosing jewelry with a black diamond, it is necessary to address experts, who will help you distinguish real diamond from a fake one. The chassis is inlaid with approximately 600 white flawless diamonds with full gold dressing on the back.
This mobile phone has dimensions of 122 by 42 by 15.5 millimeters and weighs about 175 grams with battery pack. The mobile phone is using an operating system of Windows Mobile 5.0 and comes with 4 megapixel accompanied by 256 TFT screen. This mobile phone comes with a pear-cut diamond, one particular spherical white-colored diamond, a couple of emeralds intended for eyes as well as 439 rubies.
Its navigation key as well as the logo is brilliantly embellished with genuine 18 carat rose gold.
A small part of this material is suitable for cutting and contains crystals that have equally distributed black color throughout. Apple has revolutionized the industry with their smartphones and has created a strong demand thanks to its superior marketing. The Smartphone works with Internet phoning by means of W-LAN and it is also doable gain access to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Many experts are not inclined to consider the cut black diamond as a diamond, for it is opaque, not shining and reflecting the light only from its surface. Even though Steve Jobs has passed, the company is still striving and will continue to succeed at all their endeavors. This device comes with extraordinary feature which is the 1256 bit algorithm tap-resistant lock. The device comes with granite packaging that weighs about 7 kilograms and covered with top leather made up of Nubuck. You can acquire expensive black diamond engagement rings #3 and see the Expensive Diamond Engagement Rings in here. We have seen Hughes create the limited-edition (100 units) iPhone 5 decked in 18-carat gold and gold and diamond finishing.
Everyone has a cell phone whether you like it or not, a cell phone has become a basic need of everyone. This cell phone is available in the market in 10 different shades to choose from, such as: brown, black, red blue and yellow. It took 10 months before Stuart Hughes completely invented the most expensive mobile phone in the world. Since they are part of the fundamentals, mobile phones are extremely affordable but I’ve come to think about what could be the most expensive cell phones in the world today. It was called the world’s most expensive iPad 2 dubbed History Edition built with 2kgs of gold and several diamonds.

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