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Suffering From Vertigo, Tinnitus, Hearing Loss, Meniere's Disease?Atlas Misalignment May Be The Common Denominator! Meniere’s disease is a disorder characterized by sudden, recurring attacks of disabling vertigo (a whirling sensation), hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and nausea and vomiting.
There is an extensive amount of research that shows the relationship between inner ear disorders, (vertigo, tinnitus, Meniere's disease, etc.) and trauma. Gregg Moore, CCC-A A serves as Senior Occupational Audiologist and Director of Hearing Conservation Programs with The EI Group, Inc.
This type of trauma could range from a mild bump on the head to a fall, a concussion, or even whiplash from a motor vehicle accident or sports injury. Grayson Blom is a Boise, Idaho native that works with a nationwide group of Doctors expertly trained and specializing in the Upper Cervical procedure.

He is also an accomplished author and presenter with professional publications and presentations at hearing conservation conferences. Vertigo often is associated with nausea, vomiting, malaise, hearing loss, tinnitus (ear ringing), and a feeling of ear fullness or pressure.
Inner ear disorders can appear immediately after trauma or could actually take months or years to develop. There are several different types of vertigo, including positional, post-traumatic and cervicogenic vertigo (dizziness caused by the neck). Tinnitus, which may be constant or intermittent, may be worse before, during, or after an attack of vertigo.
According to medical literature, vertigo can be caused by hyperactivity or irritation to the joints and nerves in the upper neck.

The nerves and joints in the upper neck assist in the coordination of the eye, head and body, spatial orientation and control of posture; therefore, any abnormality or interruption in these structures can produce vertigo. I received my first upper cervical correction and within a 15-minute period, I regained my hearing.

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