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Magnesium For High Blood Pressure Millions of people have high blood pressure – a devastating disease that can cause heart attacks and strokes.
Ginkgo Biloba can increase the bodya€™s blood circulation, boosting the level of oxygen sent to the brain to help improve brain functions and mental alertness. Naturea€™s Way Ginkgo Biloba 2000mg containsA a clinically trialed dose of Ginkgo that when taken as recommended is a memory and concentration booster.

Healthy Brain FunctionA - Compromised oxygen supply to the brain can contribute to poor memory and concentration, Ginkgo improves blood circulation and oxygen supply to the brain. Circulation - Ginkgo Biloba can improve blood circulation to the head, hands and feet, and therefore provide relief to those who suffer from poor circulation. Adults only: Take one tablet 3 times per day or as advised by your healthcare professional.

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