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Author: admin, 18.03.2014
The famous artist Pete McKee has been commissioned to create a unique new brand for the city’s ?42 million Fox Valley development, due to open in spring 2016.
The popular artist is bringing his distinctive style to the north Sheffield retail and office scheme, drawing on the rich heritage of the former steelworks site, which is currently undergoing a major transformation to bring a new commercial heart to this part of the city. The artist’s iconic style has graced everything from cartoon strips to Paul Smith clothing and Oasis record covers – even the classic Clark’s desert boot has been given a McKee makeover.
Pete has used his artistic talent to develop the “Fox Family” as part of the Fox Valley brand.
As well as flagging and branding throughout the development Pete is also working on the concepts for a statue and two impressive pieces of art which will go on the large gable ends at one of the entrances to Fox Valley – all created in the distinctive McKee style.

Pete, who’s own Father was a former steelworker, said: “This is a brilliant project to be involved with and it’s great to be part of this new chapter for the site, we’ve looked into the history of the area and really tried to capture its personality. Managing Director of Dransfield Properties, Mark Dransfield said: “This is a unique and very special development with a great deal of history, that’s something we are also reflecting in the names of roads and the buildings which make up Fox Valley.
The development will deliver around 32 new retail, cafe and restaurant units ranging from 635 to 16,000 sq.
Dransfield Properties has received an investment of ?8,111,040 from the Yorkshire and Humber ERDF Programme 2007- 2013, which is managed by the Department for Communities and Local Government to bring forward the Fox Valley project.
Picture shows Mark Dransfield (right) and Pete McKee (left) in front of the banner with some of the artwork Pete is creating for the Fox Valley development and Mark Dransfield (left) in front of the steelwork at the development site.

From Grandad Fox, who carries his trusty paragon frame umbrella, to Baby Fox and all sizes in between the artwork will be a key part of the centre’s identity.

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